The air conditioner as a gadget in the children's room

Die Klimaanlage als Gadget im Kinderzimmer

You probably know it too - on a hot summer's day you come home after work and the whole house has heated up enormously despite the closed blinds. The bedrooms and children's rooms also have a temperature at which relaxation and good regeneration are hardly possible. This problem also exists in the children's room, which leads to sleepless nights, especially for small children.

In this article we take a look at the advantages of having your own air conditioning system in the children's room and why you as a parent can also benefit from it. If you would like to find out more about the numerous areas of application for air conditioning, then you are welcome to visit the Kältebringer website under Advice.

Basics: The benefits of split air conditioning

Before we look at the concrete added value of an air conditioner in the children's room, we would like to explain a few basics about the devices. You may be new to home air conditioning and unfamiliar with the features and benefits of the units.

Briefly on how it works: The split air conditioning system consists of two parts, the indoor and outdoor units. The indoor unit draws heat from the room and conducts it through the evaporator. This contains a coolant liquid which then vaporizes when it comes into contact with the warm air. Heat is extracted from the air, so it cools down.

The now cooled air is fed back into the room and the coolant liquefies again. It is important to know that the coolant is in a closed circuit. Kaltbringer air conditioners also contain numerous filters, which filter all pollutants out of the air before it gets back into the room. These include, for example, nicotine, pollen or dust. After the purchase, you not only benefit from a cooler room, but also from cleaner air.

You have these advantages with a split air conditioning system:

  • increase in well-being
  • Individual setting of temperature and humidity
  • Better air quality, especially important for allergy sufferers
  • Reduction of humidity, even in winter
  • Prevention of mold formation

Would you like to find out more about split air conditioning systems and their areas of application or take a closer look at the product? Then feel free to visit the Kaltebringer website .

Advantages of air conditioning in the children's room

In recent years, temperatures well above 40 degrees in summer have not been uncommon, even in Germany. Small children in particular quickly have difficulties in this heat. At night, the body is supposed to recover from the heat of the day - but this is difficult to do if it is also too hot inside. With air conditioning in the children's room, you ensure that your protégés sleep better and you also have a more pleasant night.

In addition to better regeneration through a cool room, the air conditioning in the children's room has numerous other health benefits. Specifically, these include:

  • Prevention of headaches and fatigue
  • Active air purification to relieve the respiratory tract
  • Removal of pollen and house dust from the air
  • Bacteria and viruses spread less easily in a cool room
  • No whirling up of particles, good alternative to the fan

Your children want to play even when it's hot outside - but this constant movement quickly leads to a high loss of fluids through heavy sweating. The body is quickly exhausted when the outside temperature is high. Young children in particular can quickly develop circulatory problems on hot days.

Thanks to a Kaltbringer split air conditioning system, you can decide for yourself what temperature you want your children to have in their children's room. This allows you to play extensively even on hot summer days. By the way, during the day we recommend a temperature of 22 degrees, at night 19-21 degrees are ideal.

Tip: Do you have your own photovoltaic system? Then the purchase of an air conditioner can be particularly worthwhile, because the production peaks of both devices coincide. On particularly hot days you can usually not use all the electricity, so air conditioning is a good buy compared to low feed-in tariffs.

Better sleep for parents - that's why you need air conditioning in the children's room!

The night is the most important part of the day for our body. Here you can regenerate from exertion and replenish your energy reserves. Your children also need sleep very badly at night. If you have children yourself, then you know that they like to wake up on hot summer nights - this also interrupts your regeneration.

In a stuffy room without fresh air, your children will not be able to recover well and will probably wake up again and again. So you have no chance of getting a good night's sleep. It is therefore usually a good idea to make the one-off investment in an air conditioning system from Kältebringer Split-Klimanlage.

During the day, your children will also be happier when they are at home. The playroom is pleasantly cool, so the kids can keep themselves busy for a while - which also means you, the parent, get more peace and quiet.

You can easily control the Kältebringer split air conditioning system with your cell phone, because all of our systems have a Wifi module. So even if you are not at home yet, you can make sure that your children can go to bed in a cool room straight away. This saves you time and it can no longer happen that you forget to switch off the air conditioning again. Automatic routines can then also be defined in the app, so the air conditioning then switches on or off automatically.

Conclusion: air conditioning in the children's room

In general, it can be said that the air conditioning in the children's room only has advantages. The children sleep better, can play even on hot days and their health is supported. In addition, as a parent, you have quieter nights and can recover from the stresses of everyday life. The cold bringer air conditioners also impress with numerous filters for better air quality and simple control with a smartphone - so there are no disadvantages of the air conditioner in the children's room if it is placed correctly!

Would you like more information about the air conditioning systems from Kältebringer or would you like to purchase a model directly? Then feel free to visit our online shop , here you will find detailed product pages and descriptions.

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