Kältebringer® Split Air Conditioner Quick Connect 3.4kW 12,000 BTU complete set

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Size: KB34-12000BTU QC with wall mount


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🏠 With normal insulation suitable for up to 60m ².

The split air conditioner Quick Connect creates a comfortable room temperature, even on hot summer days. With the help of the built-in inverter heat pump, the air conditioner can both cool your room in summer and heat it on colder days.

thanks to the powerful 12,000 BTU and the pre-filled R32 coolant, every room can be cooled down to your desired temperature within a very short time. The air conditioning remains very quiet . With the sleep function, it also runs particularly quietly at night. With a volume of only 19 dB, the indoor unit is then hardly perceptible and you can enjoy a peaceful and restful sleep.

Our air conditioners are equipped with high-quality filters, what a pleasant room climate cares. Activated carbon filters are essential for eliminating unpleasant odours, gases and nicotine smoke. It also collects smaller dust particles and prevents allergies and the spread of pollen. In the further filtering process, bacteria, fungi and microbes are destroyed.

The indoor unit has an automatic self-cleaning and protects itself from viruses, bacteria & mold with the help of this process. This prevents unpleasant odors. The heat exchanger is by high quality and durable TitanGold® particularly corrosion-resistant. This protects the air conditioner from rusting and provides optimal performance. This increases the longevity of your air conditioning system and improves the indoor climate.

With the pre-installed WIFI module , you can connect the air conditioner to the smart home so that you can conveniently and flexibly control the temperature from anywhere using Alexa, Google Home or our app. Since the same smart chip is installed in our products, several air conditioners can also be used in one app or via the smart home being controlled.

Setup and commissioning are particularly easy. Thanks to the supplied Quick Connector CU pipe & the power connection, no vacuum pump is required for the installation of the system. This saves a technician a lot of work and he can therefore install and commission the air conditioning system in a short time. The assembly material (screws & dowels) and operating/assembly instructions are included already included in the scope of delivery .

You can also easily connect the outdoor unit with our wall mount or the feet mount at your desired location.

Benefits and Features:

  • LED temperature display
  • antibacterial fins
  • Automatic restart
  • memory function
  • 3D Airflow Horizontal and vertical movements possible for the slats
  • Automatic detection of refrigerant leaks
  • Automatic defrost
  • temperature compensation
  • Anti-cold air function
  • ECO/Turbo & Sleep Mode
  • clock
  • 2-way condensate drain
  • Cooling at low ambient temperatures
  • thermal heat shutdown at -25
  • high-density bio filter with vitamin C against pollen/dust or similar
  • low volume, both for the indoor unit and the outdoor unit
  • Recommended living/usable space: up to 60m²

*Important instructions


12.000 BTU

3.4 kW



Bringer of Cold

model designation

KB34-12000BTU QC

device type

Cooling & heating

Cooling capacity in W

3400 (1000~3770)

scope of delivery

indoor unit

outdoor unit

remote control

5m 2-way insulated copper tubes

connecting cable and mounting material

Operating and assembly instructions

2 year guarantee

indoor unit

Modern design meets advanced technology

Smart Home

Control your air conditioning conveniently via app or Amazon Alexa

LED temperature display

3D Airflow

Horizontally and vertically adjustable louvers for better air distribution.


the cold bringer split air conditioner with Quick Connect


Thanks to the simple PLUG & PLAY connection system, installation is quick and easy. The air conditioning and lines are already pre-filled with refrigerant and evacuated.


With the sleep function, your air conditioner runs particularly quietly at night.

With a volume of only 19dB, the indoor unit is barely perceptible and you can enjoy a peaceful and restful sleep.


You have setting options for both summer and winter.
The device can heat energy-savingly in winter and cool the room in summer.


Thanks to the already installed WiFi module, you can control your air conditioner on the go via app or smart home. (Only with 2.4GHz WIFI)


With the possibility of dehumidification, you can determine the desired humidity of the room, you can also use the device only for pure ventilation.


Thanks to the horizontally and vertically movable slats, the air flow can be efficiently distributed throughout the room. This leads to an even distribution of cool or warm air, creating a comfortable indoor climate.


Photocatalysis filter

In combination with the self-cleaning of your air conditioning system, it filters viruses and bacteria from the room air.

Catechin filters

This pre-filter catches larger particles or animal hair, for example.

Activated carbon filter

Unpleasant odors and pollutants are reliably filtered out of the air with the activated carbon filter.

Silver ion filter

Fights and neutralizes allergens & bacteria and captures smaller particles than dust & pollen

Anti dust filter

Ensures a dust-free air supply

Vitamin C filters

Releases vitamin C and enriches the air in the room.

outdoor unit

Low volume

Both the indoor unit and the outdoor unit of the Kältebringer split air conditioner work at a low volume

Frost protection

Thanks to built-in heating wires, the cold bringer outdoor unit heats from 0°C for perfect functionality

Small dimensions

Despite its extensive functionality, the outdoor unit is kept small compared to competing products


Our air conditioners have up to 70% lower energy consumption compared to similar models, while offering 40% faster cooling and heating performance. With the help of the groundbreaking inverter technology, the desired room temperature is continuously maintained without frequent switching on and off.


Our cooling system uses the pre-charged refrigerant R32, which is significantly more efficient than other suppliers due to its high compression and low charge. The use of this refrigerant minimizes the impact on global warming and enables a perfect indoor climate. In addition, the use of R32 also contributes to combating climate change.


Setup and commissioning are particularly easy. The assembly material and operating/assembly instructions are already included in the scope of delivery. A technician can therefore install and commission the air conditioning system in a short time.

For guidance


Incl. necessary accessories, copper pipe, connection cable and much more. to ensure worry-free and quick installation. For your air conditioner you can choose between wall mount, floor console and without mounting.

Shipping in multiple packages. Parts of this product can be sent separately.

Wichtiger Hinweis: Die Installation der Klimaanlage darf nur durch ein nach Verordnung (EU) Nr. 517/2014 zertifiziertes Unternehmen erfolgen, mit Abschluss des Kaufvertrages bestätigen Sie, dass dies beachtet wird. Das Gerät enthält fluorierte Treibhausgase (Kältemittel R32), weitere Informationen dazu findest Du in den Technischen Daten. Der Austritt von Kältemittel trägt zum Klimawandel bei. Kältemittel mit geringerem Treibhauspotential (GWP) tragen im Fall eines Austretens weniger zur Erderwärmung bei als solche mit höherem Treibhauspotential (GWP=Global Warming Potential). Diese Anlage enthält Kältemittel mit einem GWP (Global Warming Potential) gleich 675. Somit hätte ein Austreten von 1 kg dieses Kältemittels 675-Mal größere Auswirkungen auf die Erderwärmung als 1 kg CO2, bezogen auf hundert Jahre. Es dürfen keine Arbeiten am Kältekreislauf vorgenommen oder das Gerät zerlegt werden – stets Fachpersonal hinzuziehen.

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hunger helmut

Ich kann die Anlage noch nicht bewerten, da sie noch nicht montiert ist.


Das Gerät ist ein kleines Wunderwerk! Auf "Knopfdruck" hat man sofort die gewünschte Temperatur und das Klima ist im Raum sofort sehr angenehm! Das Aufbauen und Anbringen hat mehr Zeit in Anspruch genommen als angegeben...also bitte Geduld haben!

antivibrationsfüße quick gerät 12500

zweiter Kauf - noch nicht montiert - beim ersten kauf alles o.k.

Juliane Munk
Super Service

Alles zu meiner Zufriedenheit erledigt.
Jeder Zeit wieder

Christian Steiger
Alles in Ordnung

Schnelle vollständige Lieferung,


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