An environmentally friendly air conditioning system must have these properties

Diese Eigenschaften muss eine Klimaanlage haben

In our latitudes, more and more people are opting for air conditioning in their own four walls. In addition to pleasant cooling in summer, the devices also have the advantage that you can control the humidity and filter pollutants from the air. Air conditioning has now become necessary in Europe due to the temperature change, but can you counteract this at the same time? We'll show you what to look out for in an environmentally friendly air conditioner!

This is what Kaltbringer split air-conditioning systems can do

As a small introduction, we would like to briefly explain what split air conditioners actually are and how they work. Because only then can you understand why the points below are so important! Basically, a split air conditioner consists of an indoor and an outdoor unit. Their power is given in BTU, there are important differences here. The higher the BTU number, the higher the cooling capacity of the system. For example, in the Kältebringer online shop you can choose between systems with a cooling capacity of 12,000 BTU up to even 18,000 BTU . This ensures that you do not cool too much and not too little.

The function of the split air conditioning system is easily explained: The outdoor unit draws in the air, which is then cooled down inside the system using a coolant. This coolant is in a closed circuit and does not come into direct contact with the breathing air. A classic fan then emits this cooled air, the strength of the blower depends on the power level and setting.

The big advantage of a Kaltbringer split air conditioner is that you can also reverse this process. The coolant is then heated by the outside air, is gaseous and can be compressed. This has the great advantage that pleasant heat can still be produced even when the outside temperature is comparatively low.

Especially in the transitional period, the split air conditioning system is (still) a real insider tip for saving on heating costs. In times of rising energy prices, small and large temperature fluctuations can be compensated for. If you would like to find out more about the numerous functions of a Kältebringer split air conditioning system and heat pump, please have a look here !

Extensive filters: The be-all and end-all of air quality

A modern air conditioning system can filter all pollutants from the air. This includes not only coarse dirt such as dust or pollen, but also much finer substances. Among other things, the following substances are removed by the filters in the systems from Kältebringer:

  • Bacteria & viruses, among other things, the air conditioning also helps with the spread of Covid-19
  • Pollen & dust, this is a great advantage, especially for allergy sufferers!
  • Coarse air pollution such as leaves or ash particles are completely removed
  • Unpleasant odors are neutralized
  • Exhaust gases are almost completely filtered out of the air
  • A vitamin C filter enriches the air and ensures pleasant smells
  • etc.

Six replaceable filters are installed in all our air conditioners. When choosing your air conditioner, you should always make sure that it can be changed quickly and easily, as this is recommended once a year. However, you will not have any problems with a Kältebringer air conditioner, a practical replacement set with all filters is available in the online shop for 9.99 euros.

The activated carbon filter is particularly important. It ensures that unpleasant odors are removed from the room and cannot penetrate in the first place. It also filters larger particles such as pollen from the air. It also alleviates allergies, you can recognize the activated carbon filter immediately by its black colour. Big plus point: Activated carbon is a purely natural substance that does not require any artificial processes or cause environmental damage.

Self-cleaning and moisture measurements - Always on the safe side

In the past, air conditioners were not exactly environmentally friendly. This was mainly due to the fact that the devices were very complex and could only be disassembled by specialist personnel. Especially in "poorer" holiday countries, this maintenance was gladly dispensed with, which brought the air conditioning systems their bad reputation, especially among German tourists. In addition to the health aspect, the environment also suffers from a poorly maintained air conditioning system. Because the device has to use a lot more energy to achieve the same cooling performance - that puts a strain on our planet.

When buying an air conditioner, you should therefore pay attention to a few functions so that it is as low-maintenance as possible and at the same time effective. Among other things, automatic self-cleaning is important. Sensitive components of the air conditioning system are cleaned automatically, including the air filter. Since this component is one of the most polluting components, a large part of the work is already done!

Important: The air filter should still be cleaned once a year and even replaced if necessary. Check out our blog articles for precise, simple instructions on how to do this.

Every air conditioner contains a coolant that circulates in a closed circuit. This ensures that the air is either cooled down or heated up further when the heat pump is activated. Unfortunately, a coolant is not particularly environmentally friendly, which is why it must not escape from the circuit. This would have a major impact on the ozone layer. Therefore, make sure that your air conditioning system switches off automatically in the event of a coolant leak and displays a corresponding error message. This is how you protect the environment and your health!

Tip: The type of coolant also has an impact on climate friendliness. R32 is a comparatively environmentally friendly refrigerant, which does not have too much impact on the destruction of the ozone layer. Make absolutely sure that such a means is used in your system. It is pre-filled in all Kältebringer air conditioners.

Service & maintenance intervals

The maintenance of your air conditioner is an important basis so that it can work in an environmentally friendly manner. If only used in summer, the device must be checked at least once by a specialist, and all filters should also be replaced. Such a maintenance appointment costs between 100-200 euros depending on the effort and takes about 1-1.5 hours.

Tip: Arrange an appointment with the company of your choice well in advance. Air conditioning technicians are in high demand in summer and autumn and the waiting times are long. With an early agreement, you will not have any unnecessary stress in the summer.

In addition to the maintenance appointments, you should also pay attention to the cleanliness of your air conditioning system. This extends the service life and improves the air quality in your four walls. For example, you can simply wipe dust and other foreign objects off the fins of the system and use a commercially available disinfectant!

All these points are important for the environmental friendliness of your air conditioner. With accessories such as the cleaning foam from Kältebringer you also improve the ecological balance of your air conditioning!

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