Heating with air conditioners - how it works!

Heizen mit der Split-Klimaanlage

When it comes to air conditioning, many people first think of the following: fans that are much too cold and noisy indoor units. These rumors are often true, especially when it comes to old, poorly maintained devices in hotel complexes or department stores, and since private air conditioning systems are rarely used in Germany and Europe, many people do not know any alternatives. But modern air conditioners can do much more than just that. In this article you will find out what advantages the modern systems have and how you can also heat your house inexpensively with an air conditioner.

How an air conditioner works & benefits

We explain how the devices work using the most popular air conditioning version, the split air conditioning system. This consists of an indoor and an outdoor unit. The outdoor unit draws in the air, and using a refrigerant, it is immediately cooled down and blown out by a fan. Additional filters remove pollutants before the air enters the interior. Modern devices are very quiet and usually hardly noticeable in everyday life. A cold bringer air conditioner generates a noise level of just 19 dB in night mode, which is roughly comparable to the rustling of leaves on a tree.

In addition to a pleasant indoor climate, air conditioning systems create many other advantages that most people underestimate. For example, modern Kaltbringer devices are equipped with various filters that can protect you from harmful substances. A six-layer filter is installed in all air conditioning systems, which can remove all pollutants from the air. These include, for example, pollen, nicotine, ash particles or even mold spores and bacteria. An air conditioner also helps against the spread of the corona virus, as it ensures constant air circulation and even filters it at the same time.

The pleasant, constant room climate demonstrably contributes to improved health, because the body can best recover from the heat at room temperatures of around 20 degrees. High temperatures are particularly harmful at night, when the body needs the most rest. The air conditioner can help here, but it should be noted that the difference between the outside and inside temperature is no more than 10 degrees Celsius to avoid catching cold. Another advantage is the constant dehumidification of the air, both in cooling and in heating mode. This prevents mold and there is also no stuffy, oppressive climate inside. How exactly heating with an air conditioner works is explained in the next section of this article.

Heating with air conditioners - It works with these devices!

Modern split air-conditioning systems are by no means only suitable for the pure, dull cooling of a room. Many models, including those from Kaltenbringer, are now equipped with so-called heat pump technology. Below is a brief explanation of what that actually is:

A heat pump uses the pure ambient heat to heat a house. It is considered to be one of the most climate-friendly and effective ways of heating, and is now firmly planned in many new buildings. There are heat pumps that can draw heat from the air, water or the ground in order to use it for heating after compression and compression. In new buildings, the heat pump, which draws energy from the ground, is particularly popular because it allows complete heating even in the very cold winter. But there are also heat pumps that can be retrofitted, which is the case, for example, with the air conditioning systems from Kältebringer. These draw the heat from the ambient air with the help of the outdoor unit, in order to then conduct it into the interior.

So what do you have to consider if you want to buy an air conditioner that you can also use for heating in winter? These should be equipped with heat pump technology, because this is the most efficient and cheapest way of heating. In addition to these devices, there are also air conditioners on the market that work like a fan heater in winter, which, however, causes an uncomfortably hot heat ray in your home. Therefore we recommend the purchase of a split air conditioning system from Kältebringer, because here all devices can heat as well as cool as standard. Switching between the functions works easily via app or remote control and is done within a few minutes. Thanks to the integrated automatic temperature adjustment, the air conditioner also notices when it needs to stop heating or cooling. In this way, it can no longer happen that the interior temperature is too warm or too cold, because the set temperature is always maintained.

But what if it gets too cold outside? In this case, we recommend purchasing a different heater, because if the temperature is too cold, there is not enough heat in the ambient air to effectively pass it on to the interior. A solution here would be, for example, an infrared heater that can be easily and quickly mounted on the walls.

Structural requirements for installing an air conditioner

It is important to know that air conditioning is not suitable for every type of building. If you live in a rented apartment, you are responsible for obtaining permission from your landlord before installing the device. For a split air conditioner, a hole needs to be drilled in the wall to connect the outdoor unit to the indoor unit. Since this is a structural change, installation is subject to approval in some areas of Germany, such as Bavaria. You should also keep in mind that an outdoor unit creates noise that may disturb your neighbors. The air conditioning system should therefore be installed where there are as few people as possible outside.

For house or condominium owners, things are much less complicated, because the necessary structural changes can simply be made at will. It is also important to note here that official approval must be obtained, because if the outdoor unit does not match the look of the residential area, the responsible building authority can prohibit installation. However, as soon as this approval has been obtained, the rest of the process is quickly completed: A specialist company usually only needs a few hours to install an air conditioning system, and the costs amount to around 200-300 euros per unit.

Putting a cold bringer air conditioner into operation is then really child's play thanks to modern technology. Simply set the desired temperature using the remote control or mobile phone app, and the system works all by itself. You can always see the current and desired temperature on the integrated display of your indoor unit.

As you can see, an air conditioner can do much more than just cool. Modern systems provide relief in your living space both in hot summer and in colder temperatures.

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