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Monoblock air conditioning - the advantages are convincing

There is always talk of monobloc air conditioners cooling less efficiently. This is not the case with the devices from Kaltbringer, because they were designed in such a way that effective cooling can take place without any problems. A monoblock air conditioner offers numerous advantages compared to split air conditioners. You will already notice the differences when purchasing, because a monoblock device usually costs only a fraction of a split device. The costs for the more complex installation are also eliminated, because a monoblock air conditioning system consists of just one unit that can be easily attached to the inner wall. The second unit, which has a split system, is not needed here.

Monoblock air conditioning - no structural changes

Since a split air conditioner has an outdoor unit that also has to be installed there, it can happen that tenants in particular have to obtain approval from the landlord. Also because a wall breach takes place. None of this is necessary with a monoblock air conditioning system. Here it is sufficient to install them in the room. The warm air is then directed outside via a tilted window. Thanks to the high performance of these systems, the small amount of warm air that gets inside through the window can be well compensated. Another advantage: You can use a monoblock air conditioner on the go. For example, would you like cool air in your home office during the day and in the bedroom at night? Then you can simply take the monobloc air conditioner to another room and connect it there.

Monoblock air conditioning - good for the environment

One thing is clear: Monoblock air conditioning systems are less efficient for continuous operation in a large room than split systems. You should use monoblock if you want to change the location from time to time or if you only have the system in operation for a short time. Otherwise a split system would be the better choice in this case. However, a monoblock air conditioning system is usually designed to be environmentally friendly, because many systems already cool with the help of propane. Do you have any further questions or are you unsure? Then get in touch with us, we will be happy to help you.