Car air conditioning: Cleaning & maintenance simply explained

Auto-Klimaanlage: Reinigung & Wartung einfach erklärt

Even in our climate zone, it gets very warm in the summer - so warm that you probably wouldn't be able to stay in your car for long without air conditioning. In the course of the summer, however, this facility is very heavily used and therefore has to be cleaned more frequently - which many people underestimate. In this article we will look at how to properly clean the air conditioner in the car and what you need for this.

This is how the air conditioning works in the car

First of all we want to explain to you in a short and simple way how the air conditioning works in the car so that you can better understand the cleaning . Air conditioners tend to work the same whether they are in your home or in your car . The basis is always the removal of too warm air from the interior.

A car's air conditioning system draws in warm air from inside the car and turns it into cold air in the cooling process. The process is powered by a compressor unit that compresses the refrigerant gas and speeds up the cooling process. The cool air is then ducted back into the car to lower the temperature.

The air conditioning process in the car is controlled by a system of ducts and ducts that ensure a continuous flow of air through the system. There is also a dryer to remove moisture from the air before you get in the car.
An essential part of the air conditioning system is also the thermostat, which monitors the temperature in the car and turns the air conditioning on or off to maintain the desired temperature. To use the air conditioner in your car, just turn on the switch and set the desired temperature. Wind direction and airflow rate can also be adjusted to ensure even cooling in the car.

In a few minutes you can enjoy a pleasant and cool atmosphere in your car, especially on hot days . Air conditioning in the car is an integrated function that ensures a pleasant driving experience .

Tip: You can also have an air conditioning system retrofitted in the car if this function is not already installed. The costs for this are within a humane range and are a sensible investment for anyone who spends more time in their car in summer.

Benefits of air conditioning in the car

As a small insert , we would also like to show you the advantages of air conditioning in the car that make it worthwhile to keep it clean and effective .

By maintaining a constant temperature of 20 degrees in the passenger compartment, your ability to react on the road is significantly better. You sweat less and your circulation is less strained, so you still have your full concentration for the traffic. In addition, you are less likely to get headaches and other heat-related side effects that could affect your everyday life.

Children and very old people in particular suffer from great heat because they react more sensitively to the hot temperatures. For them, a working air conditioner in the car can also be a lifesaver!

But now to the easiest and safest way to clean your air conditioning in the car . If you would like to read more articles on the subject of air conditioning , please visit the Kältebringer website under the heading " Advice ".

Cleaning the car air conditioning system: That's how it's done!

When cleaning the air conditioning system in the car, what is actually meant is the disinfection of all sensitive and dirty components. This includes, for example, all ventilation ducts and the built-in evaporator, on which the refrigerant evaporates. This creates a lot of condensation, which normally drains off through a hole in the underbody, but there is always a residue in the ventilation ducts.

This moisture and heat provides the ideal breeding ground for viruses and germs, which makes regular cleaning of the air conditioning in the car unavoidable.

But what exactly happens if you don't clean the system? And how is this noticeable? The fungi and bacteria that build up in the ducts around the evaporator cause a musty smell when the air conditioning is on, but this is the least of the problems. The spores of the fungi are blown directly into the face of the driver of the car through the ventilation, which of course is less beneficial for health.

Therefore, cleaning and disinfecting the air conditioner is recommended by experts at least once a year. You should also replace the cabin air filter , known as the pollen filter, at the same time.

Cleaning the car air conditioner in simple steps

Cleaning the air conditioning in your car is not difficult. You don't need any specialist knowledge , no special tools and you don't have to plan too much time for this either. Only some money for suitable cleaning agents and wearing parts has to be planned.

We explain you the method with the simplest application. For this you need the cold bringer disinfectant foam, which you can find in our online shop. With it, regular cleaning becomes child's play.

The following steps should be followed for ideal disinfection:

  1. Always take your time, depending on how thorough it is, disinfecting the air conditioning in the car can take around 15-30 minutes. In addition, the car must be completely aired afterwards
  2. Park your car outside and make sure it's out of the way. The disinfection must always be done with the doors open so that there is a good draft
  3. Allow the vaporizer to dry out completely, this is important for disinfection
  4. Set the temperature in the interior to a minimum, deactivate the air conditioning completely
  5. Switch on the blower and wait about 10 minutes, then the evaporator is dry
  6. Spray the cleaning foam directly on the evaporator, it is located in the engine compartment and can often also be reached via the passenger footwell
  7. Leave the foam on for 30 minutes
  8. Now let the air conditioner run for a while so that the foam can spread

There are also things you can do to prevent air conditioning in your car. For example, switch off the air conditioning a few minutes before the end of the journey so that the evaporator can dry. You can also clean the ventilation regularly with a damp cloth so that no dirt gets into the circuit.

On the Kältebringer website you will find all the products you need to clean your air conditioner . With a small investment, you can have a renewed and fresher feeling in the interior of your car in just a few minutes!

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