Decoration trends 2023: Beautify your home with these accessories!

Deko-Trends 2024: Mit diesen Accessoires verschönern Sie Ihr Zuhause!

Decoration is part of every personal house - whether pictures of the family, plants or simply a beautiful mural, small accessories ensure that every living space in this world can be individually designed. Even if the simple "hotel room look" is becoming more and more popular, there are still new decoration trends every year, also in 2023. We have looked at these for you and also researched what decoration actually does to us.

How the decoration & furnishings affect our psyche

Especially now in winter, many people have problems staying really motivated . The so-called " winter depression " or the "winter blues" are particularly noticeable in single people. When it's cold, wet and dark outside and you still have to struggle to get out of bed at night, the mood is often in the basement . What many do not know: the decoration trends can still help to improve your mood in 2023.

When the weather outside gets uncomfortable, you have to bring summer into your own four walls. Warm and light colours, decoration and green plants ensure a summer feeling even in the cold season. In the living and dining room, we can particularly recommend adding small color accents, because this is where you spend most of your time - some of our decoration trends for 2023 can also be perfectly matched to the living room.

Green has a calming effect on the body and flowers create a good atmosphere - they also reduce stress and aggression and thus ensure that you can still relax even on long and stressful days. In addition, plants also filter the pollutants from the room air and make it so that you can breathe better. In addition, you always have a responsibility and something to do with the plants, even on dreary days.

Colors also have a great effect on us humans. Dark tones such as gray or black tend to make you sad and don't cheer you up - that's why dark gray tones and black as well as dark brown tend to be among the less popular wall colors in German apartments. Blue, on the other hand, has a calming effect in all rooms and a very light, almost warm gray is also very popular today. When using bright colors, you should be careful not to use them too often, both for the decoration trends 2023 and for the wall colors, because they can quickly have an exciting effect .

These were a few basic aspects of the effect of different furnishings in your home. If you would like to read more furnishing tips and various tips for a healthy home , then take a look at the Kaltbringer guides !

Decoration trends in 2023: You should definitely get these accessories

This year again there are a few trends that play a part in the theme of interior design and decoration. In the following paragraphs , we'll look at what's going to be particularly strong this year and which accessories you'd best stay away from. We will also take a look at how you can ideally prepare for the summer with an air conditioning system from Kältebringer .

In 2023, this decoration trend will move away from simple and uniform

In recent years, it was simple & unobtrusive crockery , which was found in most cases on German dining tables. The motto here was to be as uniform and easy to care for as possible. Plates, cups, etc. mostly had natural colors or were simply white or black, so that everything matched in color perfectly. All the other objects and decorative items on the table were rarely conspicuous in color and fitted into a simple and inconspicuous picture.

"Mix & Match" is the new motto in 2023 for tableware. Different, even more colorful parts can be combined with each other, too boring is no longer the order of the day. With colored plates, cups or carafes and sugar bowls, you can create a decorative highlight when welcoming guests and make the table look more lively - which is why colorful crockery is one of the decoration trends in 2023.

When it comes to glasses , surfaces with grooves and patterns , such as reliefs, are back in fashion. Grooves give the glass structure and look really great, especially when the light hits them - so you are welcome to choose a few nicer specimens for your glasses.

Sustainable materials as a living and decoration trend in 2023

In the past, one aspect was particularly important when furnishing a standard apartment : all furnishings should be as cheap, durable and robust as possible against stains and damage . The price-performance ratio was therefore mostly in the foreground, the environmental idea only came up in the last 10-15 years.

This year, environmental friendliness and the use of sustainable materials are paramount when choosing many furnishings. Plant-based carpets made from fibres, cups and boards made from bamboo or even sustainable packaging made from fibers are becoming more and more of a trend. Sofas and armchairs made of vegan leather are also popular, these are made entirely from sustainable fibers and are biodegradable.

Not only the natural materials themselves are popular, the colors themselves are also being used more and more frequently. Colors in the direction of beige or brown can be found in many areas of the home, whether on the sofa and cushions or in various decorative objects.

Optics wallpaper and conclusion

This year, deceptively real optic wallpapers are becoming a trend again. Whether it's a rustic concrete look, a brick wall or a wall made of cracked porcelain - these motifs are enjoying great popularity in the New Year and are finding their way into many modern buildings. The big advantage of the wallpaper: if you want a different look , you can simply remove the old wallpaper and apply a new one .

Now you know how different setups and colors affect your psyche—at least the basics. In addition, you can now adapt your furnishings to the current trends at least in a few points at low cost - and even take the environment into account!

Would you also like to ensure the perfect room temperature in your rooms? With a Kaltbringer split air conditioning system, you can achieve a pleasant, even room climate at a fair price, as if by magic . All of our devices have an uncomplicated smart home control and can therefore be adjusted to changing weather conditions at any time from anywhere. Detailed information can be found on our product pages .

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