You should pay attention to this when buying an air conditioner

Darauf sollten Sie beim Kauf einer Klimaanlage achten

In the meantime, air conditioning systems in the private sector are also becoming increasingly popular in Europe. Increasing temperatures and long periods of drought make life difficult in our part of the world in a non-air-conditioned apartment, especially at night. More and more people are therefore thinking about equipping their own home with an air conditioner, but often hesitate due to the lack of information in this country. We have summarized the most important things for you that you should consider when buying an air conditioner.

Monobloc or split air conditioning: what is the difference?

There are now many different devices on the air conditioning market for you as a consumer to choose from. Between small, mobile devices with refillable water tanks and state-of-the-art, networked complete systems, everything your heart desires is there. But what is the exact difference between the two most popular types of air conditioning? We have briefly summarized for you what distinguishes a monoblock from a split air conditioning system.

The monobloc air conditioner

A monobloc air conditioner is a device that can do without a fixed outdoor unit. It looks something like a large, square fan and feeds a hose through a window to the outside. A monoblock draws in the warm air in a room and cools it down in a circuit. The cold air is then exhausted via a fan, while the warm air is directed outside using the hose. In order to cool the air as effectively as possible, the monobloc air conditioner uses propane as a coolant. What are the advantages of a monobloc system?

The biggest and most decisive advantage is probably the mobility, because compared to a split air conditioning system, the location of the device can be changed quickly and easily. The only requirement for operation is that there is a window nearby to direct the warm air outside. Most of the monoblock systems are equipped with rollers, so that tiring towing from A to B is a thing of the past. In addition, Kaltbringer monoblock air conditioning systems score points with their simple, timeless design. The white devices fit in both modern and older apartments. Because the unit uses propane as the refrigerant, it is significantly more environmentally friendly than a split air conditioner. For tenants, the monoblock air conditioning system is often the only option, since no structural changes are made to a house for them. It does not require a permit and does not bother your neighbors with a loud outdoor device.

However, the monobloc devices also have significant disadvantages, especially in terms of energy efficiency. Much of the cold produced is lost through the constantly open window, and heat from outside can penetrate again. The exhaust air pipe also radiates a lot of heat into the interior, which is difficult to compensate. Even if you insulate the open areas around the pipe well, there will always be a high level of heat loss. In addition, the cooling capacity of a monoblock system is not very high compared to a split system, and high electricity costs often do not pay off. Added to this is the often high volume that the devices cause. The security aspect due to the open window should also not be underestimated.

Conclusion: for whom is the monobloc air conditioner right? This type of air conditioning is particularly suitable for all people who do not have the opportunity to install a permanent air conditioning system in their house, for example residents of rented apartments. It doesn't air-condition an apartment as effectively as a split air conditioner, but it is still a good solution for increasingly hot summers. With the Kaltbringer monoblock air conditioning system, you are opting for a universal air conditioning unit.

The split air conditioning

Split air conditioners are the most popular type of air conditioning in both residential and commercial settings. They consist of an outdoor unit and an indoor unit, which can effectively cool the air. Especially in southern countries, the white, angular outdoor units are a familiar sight on every house wall.

Probably the biggest advantage of the split air conditioning system is the significantly more efficient cooling than with monoblock systems. Although the devices are significantly larger, they consume less power in terms of cooling performance. The outdoor and indoor units are directly connected to each other, so there are no open spaces where heat can penetrate. With a split air conditioner, you can bring a room to a comfortably cool temperature in minutes, even when it's very hot outside. Another advantage is the comparably quiet operating volume. The devices from Kaltbringer have a night mode, with the help of which a noise level of only 19 dB is generated. This is roughly comparable to rustling leaves on a tree.

Disadvantages of the split system are, of course, the acquisition costs and the sums that can arise during installation and maintenance. While the monobloc system only has to be plugged into the socket, setting up the split air conditioning system is much more demanding. Another disadvantage is the necessary structural approval to be allowed to install such a system at all. In many parts of Germany, the devices still need a separate permit because they change the image of the house. So split air conditioning is not an option if you are renting and not owning a home. In addition to these disadvantages, harmful refrigerants are also often used in the split air conditioner.

So who is the split air conditioner for? This type of air conditioner is particularly suitable for people with their own home, since only a building permit needs to be obtained here. If you want to cool your house effectively and quickly, you should use a split system. Modern coolants in systems from Kältebringer are in a closed circuit and are now virtually climate-neutral.

What else you should consider

In addition to the acquisition costs and the structural requirements, you should also consider in which room you really need an air conditioner. The most popular rooms here are the bedroom and the living/dining area. The running costs for electricity should also be taken into account, because these can fluctuate greatly, especially as the summers get longer. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your air conditioner is also mandatory, at least if you want to avoid bacteria and viruses. Over time, bacteria like to accumulate in the gaps between the slats, which can then spread throughout the room.

But: Here, too, modern technology can help. All systems from Kältebringer have automatic self-cleaning, which saves you a lot of work. The six-layer filters also ensure that your health is not endangered. Find out about the many different ways of air-conditioning your living space with a Kaltbringer device.

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