Fresh air cold? That's the point of various myths surrounding air conditioning

Erkältung durch Frischluft? Das ist dran an verschiedenen Mythen rund um Klimaanlagen

While in most countries of the world air conditioning in every home is a matter of course, it is still very rare to find it in European countries. But what is the reason for this? In Germany in particular, the rumor is still widespread that the cold air in air conditioning systems can immediately lead to a cold. But that's not the only claim that exists about air conditioners, other diseases are also associated with the refrigerators. In this article we want to answer what it is and whether there is really cause for concern.

How quickly can I catch a cold from an air conditioner?

You may know it from your childhood: as soon as it got colder outside, your mother must have warned you to dress warmly enough to avoid catching a cold. If you did catch a cold, it was of course only due to clothing that was too airy in cold weather. The same concern now arises with air conditioning, as many people still suspect that cold air is enough to cause a cold.

But is that really true? The answer is clearly no, because it always takes viruses and bacteria to catch a cold. Cold air or the rapid change between cool and warm is not enough to cause a cold. You can catch these bacteria practically anywhere: in public places, on a mobile phone display, on door handles or even on dirty air conditioning systems. However, with regular cleaning of your split air conditioner, pathogens have no chance of surviving.

In the past, however, there was a problem with air conditioning systems with regard to colds: It was often not possible to set the exact temperature on the devices, so you often only had the choice between great heat or the exact opposite, extreme cold. So if it was 35 degrees outside, you could still only set your air conditioner to 17 or 18 degrees Celsius, and this temperature difference weakens the immune system and makes the body vulnerable to bacterial attack. So, at that time, it was true that air conditioning can easily make you sick, especially in old or sick people. Such extreme air conditioning systems are still used today, for example in trains or buses. You should therefore avoid these when it is very hot.

With modern air conditioning systems from Kältebringer, however, things are quite different. All devices now have variable temperature settings and displays for the current and desired room temperature. The air conditioners switch off when the desired temperature is reached, thus preventing excessive temperature differences. In addition, Kaltbringer air conditioning systems automatically adapt to the outside temperature, so that excessive differences cannot arise in the first place. Experts say that a temperature difference of up to ten degrees from inside to outside is not a problem.

Do bacteria & germs develop faster in air conditioning systems?

Another widespread myth about air conditioners is that the draft and the hidden gaps in the slats allow germs to develop and spread more quickly. Any condensation that may form is also an ideal breeding ground for viruses and bacteria. But is this really a problem? No, it's not, because all of these things only happen with poorly maintained and dirty air conditioners. If you have your device serviced regularly according to the operating instructions and also take cleaning seriously, there will be no problems here. In addition, modern technology can also help you here: the Kältebringer split air conditioning systems are equipped with many extras that relieve you of a large part of the work. Thanks to the innovative self-cleaning function, you only have to take care of a few tasks yourself, and additional antibacterial lamellas prevent the formation of harmful substances. A two-way condensation drain ensures that no germs develop here either. Nevertheless, since bacteria and viruses can multiply in hidden corners of the device over the years, all systems from Kaltbringer are equipped with filters to combat mould, viruses and germs. Your living space is guaranteed to be free of pollutants if you opt for a modern air conditioning system.

When the air conditioner is on, sleep is disturbed

This claim is also supported by some existing problems, especially on vacation, many people have already had experiences with noisy air conditioners. In southern countries in particular, there is often a lower standard of quality and service, including when it comes to the maintenance and care of air conditioning systems. In the case of devices that are used a lot, it can quickly happen that these show signs of wear, such as loud operating noises, which, however, nothing is done about. Loud air conditioning is a real holiday killer, especially at night, and this is how the prejudice arose that the devices interfere with a restful sleep.

But here, too, we can give the all-clear, because, as above, the changing times and regular maintenance make the difference here. Even in the most powerful operating mode (=turbo mode), modern split air conditioning systems from Kältebringer only cause a noise level of 40 dB, comparable to a quiet residential street at night. In the economical night mode it is even only 19 dB, so a barely perceptible background noise. Thanks to the adjustable number of degrees and time programs, a temperature that is too low at night no longer occurs, and this is where technological progress is noticeable. The concern that air conditioning is robbing you of your well-deserved sleep is more than unjustified!

Air conditioners spread pollen throughout the home

This rumor can be dispelled very quickly. Modern split air-conditioning systems from Kältebringer have a sophisticated filter system for pollen, so that a large proportion of the particles in the air can be filtered out. Air conditioning in your own four walls is also of interest to you if you are struggling with pollen allergies. But the Kältebringer air conditioning systems are also equipped with filters against other pollutants: you no longer have to worry about house dust, mold or smoke that is present outside. The rumor that air conditioners stir up pollutant particles can no longer be justified today!

You see, even if many worries are based on real events, they are no longer real problems today. Just poor maintenance and neglected cleaning can cause your air conditioner to become ill, but this can be prevented with automatic cleaning. With a state-of-the-art split air conditioning system from Kältebringer, you won't damage your health, you even support it with fresh air!

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