Fact check - that speaks for an air conditioner

Faktencheck - das spricht für eine Klimaanlage

In recent years, climate change has become increasingly evident - even in apartments and private houses, the temperatures during the summer are often almost unbearable. For this reason, air conditioning systems are becoming increasingly popular in our part of the world. And with good reason: in addition to a pleasant room climate, the devices have many other advantages, which we would like to summarize briefly here.

Indoor climate - An underestimated health aspect

When it comes to health, many people don't immediately think of the climate in their home - that's understandable, because this point is rarely mentioned in this context. But why is a pleasant, cool room temperature even in summer so important?

For one thing, sleep is a crucial factor. When it's hot, many people have trouble falling asleep in the first place. Heavy sweating or high humidity in the bedroom make it impossible to get an effective night's sleep. Sleep is one of the most important points when it comes to the regeneration of the body. At night, muscles and the general immune system recover so that you are fit again for the next day. If this is then disturbed so much by high temperatures, your health is at risk, especially in the long term.

To make matters worse, especially in the city at night, no window can be tilted due to the noise. Of course, the security risk is also high if you leave a window open during the night. It is therefore always advisable to purchase an air conditioner for a regenerative sleep.

In night mode, a Kaltbringer split air conditioner is barely noticeable. The noise level is 19 decibels, roughly comparable to rustling leaves in front of the window. The ventilation of the air conditioning is weakened during the night, so that there is no disturbance here either. All Kaltbringer air conditioning systems can be conveniently controlled via smart home, for example with a smartphone or a voice assistant. In addition, all devices have an automatic adjustment to the outside temperature, so that there is not too great a temperature difference.

According to experts, the ideal temperature for falling asleep is between 16 and 19 degrees Celsius. However, this is only the recommendation, because everyone has a different "feel good temperature". Older people, for example, need a little more warmth, while there are also people who want to sleep in the coldest possible conditions. We therefore recommend testing different temperatures after purchasing a cold bringer air conditioner.

Healthy air thanks to various filters

A familiar picture in spring: people everywhere sneezing or people who have to put eye drops in their eyes - hay fever. Almost 15 percent of the population in Germany suffer from the symptoms of a pollen allergy. Some people are even so sensitive to pollen that they cannot leave their homes.

Unfortunately, however, the pollen often does not stay outside, but enters the living space in various ways. For example, the pollen sticks to clothes, hair or gets into the building through the wind and open windows. Unfortunately, once pollen is in the air, it is difficult to get rid of it. Then you will not be spared the consequences of your allergy even within your own four walls.

Split air conditioners also help in this case. An activated carbon filter ensures that pollen and other pollutants from the outside air do not get into the interior. Cooling air conditioners also score with an integrated self-cleaning function so that the filters do not get dirty. Other pollutants are also removed from the air with the help of the activated carbon filter. These include, for example, nicotine or ash particles.

There are six different filters in Kaltbringer air conditioners, each with a different purpose. Bacteria, viruses and germs are also caught by the filters, so air conditioning also helps to prevent the spread of corona viruses. In addition, house dust and other allergens are removed from the interior. Unpleasant odors are removed by the air conditioning system, including the smell of nicotine or sweat.

These filter systems have been shown to significantly improve the quality of the air we breathe, because allergy sufferers need at least some peace and quiet within their own four walls, especially during the hay fever season. With a Kältebringer split air conditioning system, you are opting for an air conditioning solution that requires little maintenance and is uncomplicated.

Improved productivity & better mood

You may also be familiar with this situation: You sit eight hours a day in an office without air conditioning. As early as the lunch break, you notice that your concentration is slowly fading. Headaches are also a typical sign of too high a temperature in the study. When you come home, the apartment is also heated up by the hot summer day. You just want to rest and pursue any hobbies, but the high room temperature means you just lie around unmotivated.

Air conditioning can improve physical condition during long days in the home office or after work. A cool temperature ensures that you stay focused longer and are still motivated to pursue other activities even after long working days. The perfect temperature for working is 22 degrees, without air conditioning this is quickly exceeded in summer.

A Kaltbringer split air conditioning system can also cool down large rooms within a few minutes. In night mode, the volume is barely perceptible, the room temperature is constantly kept at the desired temperature. Thanks to app control, operation is also child's play for laypeople.

It is only important to note that the room temperature does not differ by more than ten degrees compared to the outside area. Because when it's significantly colder indoors, the immune system is weakened and viruses have an easier time of it. to cause a cold. Regular cleaning and annual maintenance of the air conditioning system must also be observed, otherwise bacteria and germs can multiply in the spaces and fins of the device.


Air conditioning in your home is recommended in most cases. Only in rented apartments and houses does it have to be clarified whether the installation of a split air conditioning system is possible. The added health value is particularly great for allergy sufferers. Almost all allergies that can be triggered outdoors are mitigated by the filters. The constant, cool room climate also demonstrably contributes to improved regeneration. Sleepless nights due to heat are a thing of the past. In summary, it can be said that air conditioning, when used correctly, only contributes to good health.

In the Kaltenbringer online shop you will find many different air conditioning models that suit every individual living situation. In the "Advice" section you can find out about the many advantages of air conditioning. Take a look and see for yourself the advantages of a Kaltbringer split air conditioning system.

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