Productive & motivated even on hot days with air conditioning

Produktiv & motiviert auch an heißen Tagen mit Klimaanlagen

In the meantime, heat in your own four walls has also become a real problem in our latitudes. Temperatures in the interior above the 25 degree mark are not only quickly reached in city apartments or top floor apartments, many people can no longer stand it during the heat waves in single and multi-family houses. In such cases, many residents underestimate the effect of a retrofitted air conditioning system. It not only provides fresh air, but is also a real asset for concentration and focus at work!

Air conditioning in the home office

During the corona pandemic, many employers were forced to switch to their home workplace. For many people, in addition to the legal requirements, it was also due to the fact that small children had to be looked after at home due to the closed kindergarten. The summer heat made working from home even more difficult for many people. When you're forced to stay within your own four walls all day, at some point you just want to escape. When the heat is added to that, it's finally unbearable.

But what is the perfect temperature in the home office? We've made some smart tips for you: The recommended indoor temperature always depends heavily on the type of work you do. In the case of heavy, physically demanding work, the legislator also tolerates a lower temperature, since the body warms up after a while. In this article, however, we always assume that average work is done on the computer, mostly sitting down.

Here the legislator recommends a temperature of 20-22 degrees, no matter what the season. With this temperature and regular fresh air, you can concentrate best as an employer. In addition to this temperature, many experts recommend not sitting for more than two hours at a time to avoid damage.

In midsummer, these temperatures are quickly exceeded and the human body can no longer concentrate when the interior is over 30 degrees Celsius. This quickly results in headaches and fatigue, and motivation and productivity also suffer from this heat. Over a longer period of time, these influences can cause serious damage to your health, and your employer will also become dissatisfied if your performance deteriorates.

Air conditioning systems are a suitable and efficient solution here, because with the help of a Kaltbringer split air conditioning system, you can cool down a room significantly within a few minutes. In the so-called "night mode", which can also be used in the office, the devices only cause a volume of 19 dB, which is roughly comparable to leaves rustling in front of the window. The room temperature is either kept constant or the outdoor sensor adjusts the indoor temperature so that the difference between indoors and outdoors is not too great.

We recommend placing the unit in a central location in the room where the fan can cover as many areas as possible. The air conditioner should not be placed directly above the desk, otherwise the cold air can quickly lead to a stiff neck. All Kaltbringer split air conditioners can be controlled either with a remote control or through the smart home connection. This means you don't have to leave your workplace if you want to make subsequent adjustments to the temperature.

Air conditioners for children & pets

Especially with small children and babies, the heat should not be underestimated. If it gets too hot while playing or at night, it can have serious health consequences for the children. If a baby has to sleep when it is too hot, heat build-up can quickly occur, which can lead to nausea and unconsciousness. That is why it is so important to ensure adequate ventilation and cooling in summer.

When it's hot, the classic tips apply, also for babies and small children: only stay in the shade, drink plenty of water, don't wear too much clothing, provide ventilation (e.g. a fan), no thick blankets when sleeping. In addition to this, however, air conditioning systems can also be a real asset here.

The air conditioning ensures that there is always a pleasant climate in your living room, regardless of the outside temperature. In addition to this, the air in a room is constantly “renewed” by means of a cold bringer split air conditioning system, so that no stuffy or muggy climate can develop. Modern air conditioning systems, like those from Kältebringer, have various filters. These guarantee fresh breathing air, as all pollutants such as pollen, nicotine or ash particles are filtered out of the air. This is a real enrichment, especially for people who live in the city. Home air conditioners are now affordable for every family and the benefits for everyone in the household are many and varied.

With a cold bringer air conditioner, you relieve your children and babies in summer, especially at night. With pleasant temperatures in the bedroom, you will also have more peace, because your children will then wake up less often. In addition, the body recovers better and faster at a cool room temperature. But air conditioning is not only interesting for children, it can also be important for people with pets.

Dogs and cats with long, thick fur in particular suffer from the high temperatures in summer. Their owners can only take them out early in the morning or in the evening, when the temperature is still tolerable. Accordingly, many animals have to stay in the apartment all day, even if it heats up more and more. A real burden on the pet's body.

Air conditioning also helps here to relieve your four-legged friend. Due to the cooler temperature and the pleasant climate in the apartment, your animal can recover better and is more balanced and less stressed. In addition, animals are often less hungry at high temperatures and eat nothing more, this problem can also be avoided with a cold bringer air conditioner. Thanks to the WiFi thermostat, you can control the temperature for your four-legged friend even when you are not at home.


Air conditioning systems are a real asset in the home. They ensure a more productive day in the home office, more relaxed children and a more pleasant sleep. Fresh air and a cool temperature allow you to switch off even after long days in the heat. Modern air conditioning systems from Kältebringer score with uncomplicated operation and innovative controls. Thanks to various filters, you can always ensure healthy breathing air in your living space that is free of bacteria and pollutants. Find out today about the versatile solutions from Kältebringer for your home!

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