Previously only on vacation, now also at home - that's what makes air conditioning so popular

Früher nur im Urlaub, jetzt auch Zuhause - Das macht Klimaanlagen so beliebt

When people from America come to Germany in the summer, they are usually surprised or even annoyed about one thing: the lack of air conditioning in living rooms or even in some hotels. Despite temperatures close to 40 degrees, many apartments remain without active cooling and quickly reach the 25 degree mark. Above all, a comfortable sleep is very difficult for people who are actually used to air conditioning. However, even for Europeans it is still difficult to cope without air conditioners with increasing heat, and so split air conditioners are also enjoying increasing popularity in Europe. We have summarized for you the reasons why air conditioning is so popular today.

Rising temperatures and more and more city dwellers

One of the main reasons to get an air conditioner isn't one that starts with the features of the units themselves. Climate change is also becoming increasingly noticeable in Europe. The summers are getting longer and hotter, and there are hardly any really deep winters these days. Temperatures above 40 degrees are no longer uncommon, especially in the southern parts of Europe, such as France or Spain. For many people it is almost unbearable in their own four walls, especially the midday heat builds up indoors during the day. Since you can't open windows due to the heat, there is only one option: air conditioning.

One group of people who are particularly hard hit by rising temperatures are city dwellers. In densely built-up inner cities, there are often no cooler places such as forests or lakes where you can cool off on particularly hot days. You are defenseless against the heat in your own four walls. As the summer progresses, we hear more and more stories from attic dwellers that their bedrooms are more and more often reaching 30 degrees, so it is understandable that air conditioning is becoming a more and more familiar sight, especially in cities.

Acquisition costs: inexpensive & efficient

An effective air conditioning system is no longer as expensive as it used to be. In the 90s, especially in Germany, people were still very averse to the devices, since the costs for purchase and installation quickly amounted to 3-5000 euros. It looks very different today. Mobile air conditioners for plugging into the house socket are available from around 150 euros. However, here's the downside. That cold water always has to be filled into these, because when the water is heated, they only produce wind and high humidity. However, they can be used anywhere and you can quickly change the place of use. Especially if you only need the devices on a few very hot nights, for example, they are the right solution.

However, the most relaxed way to drive is with a permanently installed split air conditioning system. The units consist of an indoor and an outdoor unit and cool the incoming air using a coolant. The desired room temperature is reached within a few hours, even at high outside temperatures. Our Kältebringer split air conditioning system with a cooling capacity of 12,000 BTU (=300 watts) is already available for 1200 euros and, in addition to quiet operation, also convinces with innovative operation. In addition to the already low acquisition costs, the maintenance costs of around 100 euros per year are also kept within reasonable limits.

The market for air conditioners has changed significantly over the past 10 years, so that now everyone can actually afford their own air conditioner without having to take on high debts.

Better health through air conditioning

Modern air conditioners not only ensure a pleasant room climate, but also help to have fewer pollutants in your own four walls. The Kältebringer split air conditioners are equipped with several different filters to guarantee impeccable breathing air. All models are equipped with filters against house dust, pollen, ash particles or nicotine, and thus actively contribute to your health. These functions are particularly interesting for allergy sufferers, because when the pollen season starts again in spring, the air conditioning system filters up to 99 percent of the pollen out of the air if it is properly maintained and cleaned.

The ever-increasing heat waves are also causing problems for our body, and diseases such as circulatory disorders or heart attacks are becoming more and more common as a result. A pleasant indoor climate can help your body regenerate from the heat outside. The myth that you would immediately catch a cold with an air conditioner has now been disproved several times: a temperature difference of up to ten degrees Celsius compared to the outside temperature is not a problem for the human body. Colds only happen when germs and bacteria can build up in air conditioning systems due to lack of maintenance.

In summary, it can be said that modern air conditioning systems, when properly cleaned and maintained, do not pose a health risk, and in fact have the exact opposite effect. Air conditioning helps your body recover from the heat of the day. Quiet, uninterrupted sleep is particularly important in summer in order to be 100 percent fit during the day. Convince yourself and find out more about the positive aspects of a cooling air conditioner in our blog.

No more mold from dehumidification

Classic convection heaters quickly lead to mold in poorly ventilated interiors. This is due to the warming air, which in turn gives off condensation. A modern air conditioning system also effectively counteracts this problem, because it dehumidifies your room air in both heating and cooling mode. This is a real advantage, especially in winter, as mold can develop very quickly. The dehumidification function consumes hardly any electricity and is also hardly noticeable acoustically. The dehumidification function is installed as standard in all Kaltbringer split systems and does not have to be activated separately.

A positive "side effect" of dehumidification is a very pleasant indoor climate, because the constantly circulating air of a normal heating system creates a very oppressive indoor climate over the long term. The dehumidification of the circulating air makes your stay much more pleasant, especially in winter, without you having to ventilate additionally.

The above are just a few of the many reasons to consider purchasing an air conditioner in your home. With summers getting hotter every year, you too should think about getting an air conditioner. Find out today about the possibilities of room air conditioning that you have at Kältebringer.

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