Air conditioning in your own home: the insider tip for allergy sufferers?

Klimaanlage im Eigenheim: der Geheimtipp für Allergiker?

When it comes to air conditioning , many people first think of one thing: blowers set much too high when entering a room from extreme heat. But modern air conditioning systems can do much more than just cool a room. Many modern air conditioners have functions that, in addition to a comfortable temperature, also contribute to health. In this article we want to take a closer look at why an air conditioner is definitely worth buying and what positive consequences it can have for allergy sufferers.

Various filters for your health

In the 1980s and 1990s, air conditioning systems often did not have filters to protect the interior occupants from pollutants. This was a problem especially for people in big cities, since pollutants such as exhaust gases or ash particles were simply blown into the apartment. Therefore, air conditioning systems did not initially have a really good reputation, especially in Germany, which was very hygienic. Today, however, things are different: thanks to filter systems and modern technology, air conditioners no longer allow pollutants into the interior. The Kältebringer split air-conditioning systems are installed with several filters as standard, and are therefore a real relief in everyday life, especially for allergy sufferers.

There are many substances outdoors that should not necessarily come into the living area. Here it is both natural and man-made pollutants that can damage our health. Pollen is one of the biggest factors when it comes to air pollutants. Around 12.5 million people in Germany suffer from the consequences of a pollen allergy. The symptoms vary greatly, from a mild cold to severe swelling of the respiratory tract. It is all the more important to keep the living area free of this pollen during the sensitive season.

A professional air conditioning system from Kältebringer filters up to 90 percent of the pollen from the ambient air and safely stores it in a filter. It is important to note that filters and fins are regularly professionally maintained and cleaned. Six different filters are installed in all devices, which have been proven to improve your health. The following is just an excerpt of the many functions:

Our vitamin C filter enriches the air with vitamins and ensures a fresh and pleasant indoor climate. With the activated charcoal filter, unpleasant odors in a room can be eliminated quickly and easily, including the smell of nicotine, the vapors produced in the kitchen or the slight smell of smoke from an open fireplace. The activated carbon filter mentioned also prevents the spread of various fine substances, including dust particles or all types of pollen. In the further course of the filtering, harmful bacteria, viruses or fungi are then also removed from the room air.

Suitable for the current situation: Corona viruses are also filtered out of the room air in a targeted manner thanks to the many different filters. In addition, with even ventilation, you prevent viruses from spreading in the first place. This ventilation is maintained even in winter, without having to open a window. With an air conditioner from Kältebringer, you always stay safe even in the current time and don't have to worry about the spread or multiplication of viruses.

Self-cleaning for maximum convenience

Many people still think that buying an air conditioner comes with high cleaning and maintenance costs. But even that is no longer true today, because modern air conditioning systems usually have sophisticated mechanisms for self-cleaning. All Kaltbringer models have automatic self-cleaning, which is activated whenever it is needed. This also means that your air conditioner will automatically clean itself more frequently if it is used very often in a hot summer.

But why is cleaning an air conditioner so important? This is due to a number of aspects: On the one hand, bacteria and viruses accumulate over time in the spaces between the air conditioning system and the fins of the fan, which could then get into the room air. In these "hidden corners" of the air conditioning system, mold can also form as a result of the minimal amount of condensation water escaping, which is then distributed throughout the room via the ventilation. This can quickly become dangerous, especially for allergy sufferers, just as when a thick layer of dust is deposited in the air conditioning system.

The automatic self-cleaning and two-way condensate drainage of a Kältebringer split air conditioner take a lot of work off your hands. After starting up your air conditioning system, you only have to take care of superficial cleaning, the rest is taken care of by modern technology. With frequent use, your air conditioner should be checked and serviced once a year, but this can also be done in a few hours and the cost is usually only 100-200 euros.

Permanently good room air for general well-being

In addition to the many filters, an air conditioning system also ensures a pleasant, even room climate regardless of the season and outside temperature. It ensures that you no longer have to worry so much about ventilation, and mold is also avoided thanks to the permanent ventilation. In addition, Kaltbringer air conditioners offer an automatic dehumidifier that runs continuously in the background. A constant room climate helps the body to regenerate better and to feel comfortable in your own home even after a long day at work.

If you work in the home office, then an air conditioner is an additional help for better concentration. A constant, cool room climate demonstrably contributes to concentration. Headaches from a long day at work in the heat are a thing of the past. At night, the intense heat in our latitudes quickly leads to sleepless nights. With an air conditioner you can set a comfortable temperature and thus ensure a good night's sleep. In night mode, a cold bringer air conditioner only makes noise at a volume of 19 dB, so it is about as loud as the light rustling of leaves on a tree.


Air conditioning systems are a real insider tip for general health and especially for allergy sufferers. Extreme heat indoors and especially at night means that our body cannot regenerate and we wake up exhausted and tired the next day. In long periods of heat, this creates sluggishness, which you can counteract with a cold bringer air conditioner . Purchasing an air conditioner is particularly worthwhile for allergy sufferers, because the many filters ensure healthy, clean room air. In times of the corona virus, split air conditioners also filter viruses from the air and, with regular ventilation, ensure that no spread can take place.

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