Five simple tips for properly cleaning & disinfecting an air conditioner

Fünf einfache Tipps für die richtige Reinigung & Desinfektion einer Klimaanlage

Air conditioning in your own home is a real ace in summer. The consistently cool temperature benefits both body and mind and ensures pleasant days even in the heat. However, it is important to know that air conditioning systems only work effectively if they are cleaned and disinfected regularly. This maintenance also extends the life of the system and is easier than you might think. We have five simple tips on how to clean & disinfect your air conditioner!

Superficial cleaning: done quickly and easily

Air conditioning indoor units are exposed to all the substances that are in an indoor space. This also means that all particles accumulate on the surface of the device and in the fins of the fan. As a rule, it is dust in particular that forms in the apartment within days and then settles everywhere. If you smoke in your home, nicotine collects on the surfaces and turns them yellowish over time.

Pollen in the interior is also a problem for allergy sufferers. Even small amounts of grass or pollen ensure that the body does not find rest indoors either. Split air conditioners that bring coldness do filter pollen from the drawn-in outside air, but particles that are already in the interior are whirled up by the fan. The same applies to house dust, to which just as many people are allergic.

For these reasons, it is highly recommended that you regularly wipe the accessible surfaces of your air conditioner with a damp cloth. Light cleaning agents such as glass cleaners can also be used to keep the surface of the device clean. You should make sure that not too much water is used so that you do not damage the device. The ventilation slots of the fan on the front of your air conditioner are particularly susceptible to dust, nicotine and pollen deposits.

Tip: With a small, compact feather duster, you can get into the various nooks and crannies of your cold air conditioner without having to remove it!

Regular replacement of the filters: Increasing the service life at low cost

Today's modern air conditioning systems, as well as the split units from Kältebringer, have a large number of filters. The built-in air filters include:

  • Photocatalytic filter: It ensures that the air in your room remains free of germs and bacteria
  • Catechin filter: It is responsible for larger particles, such as animal hair or coarse dust particles
  • Activated carbon filter: It filters unpleasant odors and pollutants from the air and thus ensures fresh air
  • and much more

All of these filters must be replaced regularly to ensure efficient operation. While air conditioners used to only be able to be disassembled by experts, this can now also be done by laypeople. All filters can be replaced in just a few simple steps, thus extending the service life and also significantly improving the air quality.

But when should the filter actually be changed? This depends heavily on the intensity and duration of use. If only used in summer, all filters should be replaced once a year. However, all Kaltbringer split air conditioners can also be used as a heat pump in winter, which of course increases the demands on the system. With "double" use, the filters should be checked twice a year and possibly even replaced twice.

That sounds more expensive than it actually is. At Kältebringer, a set with all filters costs 9.99 euros, so it is almost irrelevant compared to the lifespan gained. The installation only takes a little time, you have to reckon with about 20 minutes. If you have already done it a few times, however, the change is also much faster and your air conditioning system is ready for use again!

Disinfection: How to prevent germs and bacteria

There is an increased risk of germs, bacteria and viruses forming in a split air conditioner for a number of reasons:

On the one hand, there is the constant contact with warm air. The split air conditioner must constantly cool down warm air in order to then blow it out in the room. Condensation also forms during this process, which leads to moisture in the system. In all Kältebringer air conditioning systems, this is drained off via a two-way condensate drain, but residual moisture remains.

On the other hand, there are the many gaps and corners that are in an air conditioner. Bacteria and germs tend to collect in the spaces between the slats, but you can remove them with a simple tool.

We have developed our own air conditioning disinfection precisely for this problem and to increase the service life of our systems. The spray can be used for all types of air conditioners, i.e. in addition to split air conditioners also for mobile devices and dehumidifiers. The numerous advantages of the cold bringer air conditioning system disinfection include:

  • Fast removal of viruses, bacteria, germs and also fungi
  • Improvement of the room air through room fragrance and preventive ingredients
  • Developed and manufactured in Germany, no large carbon footprint
  • Extension of the service life of your air conditioner with simple means
  • Fast & uncomplicated application, if necessary several times
  • The performance of your system stays high longer & it works more effectively
  • Preventing the spread of viruses, including Covid-19

The application of the cold bringer air conditioning disinfection is quickly explained: After you have switched off the device, apply the foam directly to the evaporator surface. Then ventilate the room well and let the spray take effect, it does not have to be washed out afterwards. If necessary, you can also disinfect internal surfaces of the air conditioning system, simply use the extension provided. If necessary, the air conditioning filters can also be cleaned with the foam.

Don't worry: the foam cannot damage the air conditioner in any way, nor the electrical equipment. After an exposure time of about an hour, the air conditioning can be activated again without any problems, and then a pleasant room scent spreads through the room.

Kaltbringer air-conditioning disinfectant costs only 9.99 euros per can and is sufficient for at least two full disinfections of the entire system. Together with the 6-in-1 replacement filter, your split air conditioner is ready for operation again in just a few simple steps!

Conclusion: Disinfection and cleaning play a major role in air conditioning systems. Only a clean air conditioner can work efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner, and your health will also benefit from the renewed filters and a hygienic system! Are you interested in having your own air conditioning system for your apartment or would you like to find out more about the numerous advantages in our blogs ? Do not hesitate and visit our website today !

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