Your air conditioner must have these filters

Diese Filter muss Ihre Klimaanlage haben

Air conditioning has now become standard in apartments and houses in Europe too. It makes hot summers more bearable, and a pleasant, even room climate has nothing but advantages for the body. Modern devices have a variety of filters that clean the air in the best possible way. We have summarized for you which are really important.

The activated carbon filter

One of the most important filters in the air conditioning system is the activated carbon filter. In the split air conditioning system, all filters are located relatively far back in the indoor unit, so that the air can be filtered as soon as it enters. With the Kältebringer air conditioning systems, it is possible to remove all filters, partially clean them and replace them if they are worn.

But what exactly is activated charcoal? Activated charcoal is also called medicinal charcoal in many cases. Many health-promoting properties are attributed to it, which is also used in air conditioning. Compared to normal carbon, it has a relatively large inner surface, which makes it interesting for various filter processes. Activated carbon is used, among other things, in drinking water treatment, in waste water treatment and also in air conditioning units.

Activated carbon filters are responsible in the air conditioning system for filtering larger suspended matter up to a size of 3mm from the air. These include, for example, pollen, dust or smaller leaf particles. The activated carbon filter is very easy to recognize by its colour, even if your air conditioning system has several different filters. The activated carbon filter is usually a fleece pad, which is mixed with the fabric. It is deep black and therefore not very sensitive to dirt. Since the activated carbon filter is responsible for very coarse particles, it is indispensable in the air conditioning system.

In Kaltbringer split air conditioning systems, the activated carbon filter is just one of six different air filters. Visit our website for a detailed breakdown of the features of each filter.

Vitamin C filters

This filter is not primarily mentioned by most manufacturers. But is that justified? We say no, because the vitamin C filter has many positive effects on the air and also on the people who are in a room. For a better understanding, a brief explanation of what vitamin C is and how it can affect the body.

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin, also known as ascorbic acid. It occurs naturally in fruits and vegetables. Vitamin C is particularly important for the function of the immune system. It also has a stress-reducing effect and reduces tiredness and fatigue.

But to what extent is vitamin C used in air conditioning systems? The vitamin C filter enriches the outflowing room air with the substance so that it can be distributed in the room. The consequences of this are varied: the air smells more pleasant, the skin softens and the stress-reducing effect is noticeable. Of course, the effect of vitamin C is not exactly the same in all cases, but it always counteracts unpleasant odors.

The built-in vitamin C filter in a cold bringer air conditioner usually lasts about two years without maintenance and care. It goes without saying that it can also be removed and renewed, thus extending the service life of the air conditioning system.

bio filter

As the name already suggests, the bio-filter consists only of natural materials. These include, for example, biological enzymes and various eco-filters. These enzymes eliminate bacteria during the filtering process by melting their cell and solving the pollution problem. A good bio-filter eliminates 95 percent of bacteria, and up to 99 percent of dust remains trapped in it. So it is a more efficient way of sterilization.

Chemicals are used in many filters to ensure effective air purification. However, this is not sustainable and in some cases not healthy either, so the bio-filter is a good alternative. It should be standard in modern devices, it is also known as an ion filter.

Tip: Automatic self-cleaning

The many filters and spaces in an air conditioner are very susceptible to bacteria and viruses. The warm air that pulls through the air conditioning also creates moisture, which supports the formation of mold.

In order to prevent hygiene problems here, it is important that your air conditioning system has automatic self-cleaning. This relieves you of a large part of the work, so that you only have to take care of the superficial cleaning. Modern devices notice for themselves when cleaning is necessary. In most cases this is possible during regular operation. However, you can also start a cleaning manually if you deem it necessary.

Automatic self-cleaning is standard in all Kältebringer air-conditioning systems. In addition, the heat exchanger is particularly robust and corrosion-resistant, which protects the air conditioning system from rusting and increases its service life. The supplied assembly and operating instructions also explain exactly how the self-cleaning works.

Servicing and maintenance of an air conditioner

How often your air conditioner needs to be serviced depends heavily on how long it has been used each year. For example, all Kaltbringer split air-conditioning systems can also be used as heat pumps in autumn and winter, which of course increases the demands on the system. If you only use it on hot summer days, we recommend servicing once a year, but of course more often doesn't hurt.

During this maintenance, an expert technician checks whether all functions of the air conditioning system are still working properly. He also checks all lines and the coolant circuit, because a leak here would be particularly serious. Wear parts are also replaced or cleaned if necessary.

Since the cold bringer air conditioners already do a large part of the work for you thanks to their smart functions, the costs for a technician are very manageable. Depending on wear and tear, these are between 150-200 euros. The only important thing is that you look around for an expert in good time and make an appointment, as they are usually fully booked for months in summer. If it is also used as heating in winter, the air conditioning should be checked and overhauled twice a year.

Tip for everyday care: You should regularly wash or even disinfect the areas of the slats that you can reach with a damp cloth. In this way you can extend the service life of your air conditioning system in just a few simple steps.

Are you interested in purchasing an air conditioning system for your private area? On our website you will find many other articles on the subject of air conditioning in the "Advice" section. We have simply explained a wide variety of questions, from assembly and commissioning to use as a cost-saving heat pump. Stop by!

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