Hygiene & service life: That is why disinfecting your air conditioner is important

Hygiene & Lebensdauer: Deshalb ist die Desinfektion Ihrer Klimaanlage wichtig

More and more people today are choosing to have air conditioning in their homes. Modern devices are easy to install, low-maintenance and quiet in operation. However, there are some things that can improve the life and performance of your air conditioner and this includes disinfecting & cleaning the unit. In this blog, we summarize the advantages of regular cleaning in a compact and simple way.

Split Air Conditioning: These components are prone to contamination

Split air conditioners are no longer as prone to contamination as they were 15 years ago. At that time, the devices were very complex to assemble and could only be disassembled by experts. It was not possible for laypersons to clean or even replace individual components, and so hygiene was neglected in many systems for decades. It was so easy for germs, bacteria and other dirt to settle in the devices.

This is also one of the reasons why air conditioning systems in Europe are viewed critically by some people to this day. Many people find the devices unsanitary and promote diseases and colds. The rumor that air conditioners spread dust and pollen around the room like a fan is still going strong.

However, modern air conditioning systems have almost no potential for dirt and bacteria to accumulate. Kaltbringer split air conditioning systems, for example, have highly developed self-cleaning systems that destroy up to 90 percent of bacteria. A two-way condensation drain also ensures that there is never too much moisture in the device. However, should water escape from the Kältebringer air conditioning system, the device switches off fully automatically.

With all the technical innovations in air conditioning technology, there are still some components that should be cleaned regularly in an air conditioning system. These include, among others:

  • Air filter: It ensures that your air conditioner draws in only clean, healthy air. Regular cleaning is important here, otherwise it will spread germs and dust in the room
  • Condenser: The condenser emits heat to the ambient air through the heated refrigerant. This creates moisture, which promotes the development of germs and bacteria. Regular cleaning is unavoidable and depends on the annual service life
  • Outdoor unit: The outdoor unit of your air conditioning system ensures that there is always healthy, fresh air in the interior. However, foreign bodies quickly accumulate on the ventilation, such as leaves or branches. These must be removed regularly
  • Fan slats: The cooled air is distributed through a fan in the interior. As with any ventilation system, there are slats that get dirty easily. Corners and spaces in particular must be disinfected here
  • Filter: Bringing the cold Air conditioners have six different filters. If they are used frequently, they must be cleaned or replaced annually

When heavily soiled, split air conditioners lose part of their performance and have to use more energy for the same cooling performance. The result is higher electricity costs for the same room temperature. In addition, all components are subjected to greater stress, which reduces the service life of the air conditioning system. Hygiene also deteriorates, since bacteria and germs have an easy time spreading through the room air. In the following paragraphs we explain how you can prevent all these difficulties with simple cleaning!

Disinfection: One remedy for everything

Even with generous self-cleaning technologies, germs and bacteria can accumulate in the corners and gaps in your air conditioner. Since the air conditioning works constantly with warm air, this also favors the formation of bacteria and germs, even if only minimally.

Today there is a product for disinfecting your air conditioning system that can be used for all components: the cold bringer air conditioning system disinfection . The dry foam is harmless to electronic components and can therefore be applied to any part of the air conditioning system. It reliably removes up to 99 percent of all bacteria and is very easy to use.

In order to use Kaltbringer disinfectant foam, you must first switch off your air conditioning. Then the foam can be applied to the evaporator (= heat exchanger), the filters and the fins. With the extended spray attachment, you can reach all corners and gaps with the foam, because this is where germs and bacteria are most likely to accumulate. Then leave the device switched off and well ventilated for half an hour, after which operation can be resumed.

Air Filter: The most important part of your air conditioner

The air filter of your air conditioner can also be cleaned quickly and easily. First, you can hold a vacuum cleaner against the grille of your air conditioner to remove most of the dirt. You can then remove the air filter, which is usually located directly behind the ventilation grille. You will find more detailed information on removal in the operating instructions for your Kältebringer air conditioning system. The air filter can then be cleaned in a basin with warm water and soap, after which it has to dry for some time. Done, the air filter is disinfected that easily!

Tip: For even better hygiene, the air filter can also be sprayed with the disinfectant spray afterwards . In this way, even the last bacteria and germs are killed.

Filter: Maintain optimal air quality

Many filters are used in modern air conditioning systems to remove various pollutants from the air. This includes, for example, the activated carbon filter, which removes unpleasant odors and small particles from the air. A vitamin C filter enriches the air and ensures a pleasant smell in your home. Depending on the period of use, these filters naturally wear out and must be replaced in order to guarantee good air quality.

A set with all six filters for your cold bringer air conditioner only costs 9.90 euros. This should be replaced once a year to guarantee optimal room air. Removal and installation is quick and easy, and your air conditioner is ready for use again within 20 minutes.

Bottom Line: That's why you should keep your air conditioner clean

Nowadays, modern cleaning systems ensure that air conditioning systems cannot become critically soiled. Nevertheless, there are components and gaps that can collect dirt and bacteria if used frequently. With regular cleaning and disinfection, you ensure that hygiene in your interior is always guaranteed. In addition, you extend the life of your air conditioner and also improve the effective cooling performance. In the long run, cleaning will save you high electricity and maintenance costs.

Would you like to find out more about cold bringer air conditioning systems? Feel free to visit our website under the menu item Guide , here you will find many more exciting blog articles on the subject of air conditioning!

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