Smart Home Air Conditioner - Setup & Tips

Smart-Home-Klimaanlage - Einrichtung & Tipps

Smart air conditioners do a lot of the work for you. With automatic adjustments to the outside climate and fully automatic switching on and off, you don't have to think about anything when using it. For example, it can no longer happen that the system is accidentally left on while on vacation. In this blog we have summarized the most important tips for smart air conditioning for you!

Benefits of a split air conditioner

Air conditioning can do much more than just keep you cool on summer days. Smart functions and integrated filters also improve your health in the long term. In addition, dust, bacteria and even smaller insects no longer have such a pleasant living space in your four walls. For a better overview, a short list of advantages that you have with the air conditioner:

  • With an even room temperature, you stay focused and productive for longer, even on hot days
  • The air conditioning prevents "summer illnesses" such as headaches or tiredness in the afternoon
  • Thanks to the many filters, allergy sufferers have fewer problems, for example with pollen or house dust
  • Small children and pets also benefit from the pleasant room air on particularly hot days
  • The filters largely remove viruses, including Covid-19, from the room air
  • Pollutants that are outside, such as exhaust fumes or smoke, are also removed from the air and do not end up in your home
  • A built-in air conditioning increases the value of your property in the long term
  • Many split air conditioners can be used as a heat pump in winter, giving you cost-effective additional heating

You can get air conditioners from Kältebringer in different performance levels and with many optional accessories. All of our devices can be conveniently controlled with your cell phone via WiFi thermostat, no matter where you are. In the next few paragraphs, we will look at how to optimally set up a smart air conditioning system and how to best use it!

Switch on the air conditioning after the holiday

You probably know it: you spent three weeks on vacation with your family during the summer holidays, and in the meantime it has also gotten very warm in Germany. You didn't expect that, so most of the windows were neither blacked out nor had you bought air conditioning in advance. When you return, you are shocked to find that all the rooms have warmed up to over 30 degrees. In the attic, the room temperatures even climb to 35 degrees, making the house difficult to live in at first.

This is the first major strength of smart home air conditioning. It can be activated from anywhere, even if you are on the other side of the world. Control is quick and easy using a mobile app, all operations are self-explanatory. Among other things, the following settings can be made "remotely":

  • Adaptation of the runtimes and downtimes
  • Automatic adjustment to the outside temperature
  • Start automatic self-cleaning
  • Adjustment of the intensity of the fan
  • Fixed setting of the room temperature
  • Indoor fan pitch & angle
  • Shutdown when coolant/water leaks, including message

With a smart home air conditioning system, it can no longer happen that you find an apartment that is too warm. Once you have connected the thermostat to the mobile phone, nothing can go wrong. Then you can decide from anywhere in the world when and for how long you want to switch on your air conditioning.

All cold bringer air conditioners, regardless of output, have an integrated thermostat. If you would like to find out more about air conditioning systems and smart controls, please visit the Kältebringer website under the Advice menu item .

Time - when should the air conditioning be activated?

There is one thing that cannot be denied – unfortunately, air conditioning systems consume a lot of electricity. Due to the heat conversion, the fan and also the large outdoor unit, the electricity costs should always be kept in mind. It is just as important to keep the air conditioner hygienic and clean, because only then can it really access its full performance and energy efficiency.

But when should the air conditioning actually run? The size of the room is also decisive for this, because depending on the square meters, the device needs longer to ensure an evenly cool temperature. As a rough guide, for a normal sized room and a 12.00 BTU air conditioner, allow about 30 minutes for the room to reach a comfortable temperature.

We recommend activating the air conditioning whenever you are actually in the house for a long time. After the device has been switched on at a high level for a while, you have the option of switching to the so-called night mode with all systems from Kältebringer. Here the device only causes a noise level of 19 dBa and is therefore hardly audible, although it keeps the room at a constant temperature.

The night mode can also remain activated at night, because it maintains the temperature without any problems. Only at exceptionally high outside temperatures of over 30 degrees may it be necessary to switch to a higher mode. Tip: All Kaltbringer split air-conditioning systems also automatically adapt to the outside temperature. If a desired room temperature is set, you don't have to do anything else here either!

Should you return from vacation or your apartment should be exceptionally hot, you must plan a lead time of about an hour before a single split air conditioner gets a room back below 20 degrees.

Voice control & automatic functions

This is specifically a function that is possible with all cold bringer air conditioners. You can easily control all of our devices with a language assistant such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home. You can, for example, change the temperature from bed or set the strength of the fan.

In addition, automatic self-cleaning is activated when required without any further action being required and ensures that the air in your home always remains clean. You don't have to worry about escaping coolant or condensed water either, because in such a case the system switches off fully automatically and "speaks up".

Of course, these are just a few of the functions that our split air conditioning systems bring with them. On the product page for our air conditioner you will find a lot more useful information about filters, functions and controls!

Smart air conditioners are a real asset to every household. Even if the installation takes some work and time, you can ensure pleasant air in your four walls for years and decades afterwards! Now in autumn and winter is also your chance to choose a split air conditioner! Our customer service will be happy to advise you on questions about products or pre-orders, simply use the contact form !

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