Cinema for the home - we'll show you what you need!

Kino für daheim - Wir zeigen Ihnen, was Sie brauchen!

You may also know it: on a rainy and cloudy day you would like to do something else - maybe to the cinema or to a restaurant. But somehow you can't pull yourself together and then stay at home. With a home cinema, this problem is solved and you can have a cozy movie night whenever you want. In this article we will show you everything you need to do this.

Movies at Home: These Are the Benefits (You Wouldn't Expect)

A cinema at home not only brings decisive advantages for your convenience . You can also create enormous added value in other social aspects with a one-time investment . Once you set up a home theater, it brings the following benefits:

  • Home cinema as a meeting place: In a cinema at home you can meet up with friends and families. Whether for a football game or simply for a series marathon, your own cinema is a meeting point for you and your friends. In addition, everyone involved saves a lot of money
  • Optical highlight: A normal, simple living room can be found in every apartment. If it can be converted into a cinema for the home, it is a real eye-catcher and can be the highlight in the apartment
  • Save money: An evening at the cinema quickly costs a lot of money. Together with food and drinks, you can lose more than 50 euros in just a few hours, not including your friends. Investing in a home cinema always pays off over the years
  • Special feature for children: If you have children, you can inspire them even more with your own cinema. Watching your favorite cartoon on a big screen will make your little ones more than happy
  • A little joy in everyday life: After a long day at work, the evening in front of the television can be the highlight of the day. With a big screen and an excellent sound system, the evening in front of the television is made that much better

The cinema at home has many advantages that make everyday life a little nicer. In the next few sections we look at what you need for the perfect home cinema and how a cold bringer air conditioner can brighten up the evening .

Technology: You need these devices for the cinema at home

For a good cinema at home, you also need good technology - this is no longer as expensive as it used to be. Projectors are getting smaller and better, and sound systems, both new and used, are affordable for everyone.

A good projector, preferably with a WiFi connection, is the basis for a home cinema of the highest quality. We recommend a ceiling-mounted projector that has at least 4K resolution. Good projectors for the cinema at home today cost no more than a mid-range TV and are also very small and handy. Such a modern projector no longer needs a dark room, it is bright enough to offer a good cinematic experience even during the day. You can find detailed and simple instructions on the Internet to easily install and adjust the projector in the cinema at home.

The same goes for the sound system in your home theater. Boxes are no longer bulky and can be easily connected to your television via Bluetooth - this means that annoying and unsightly cables in your living room are finally gone.

You should take your time with the seating, because it has to be absolutely perfect. Test the seat extensively in the furniture store and test all functions. We recommend a sofa or several armchairs made of easy-care materials, in which you can also lean back. We also recommend a shelf for your feet so that you can sit comfortably even on long evenings. It is best if your home cinema offers space for up to six people, so that friends can also be invited.

Various accessories enhance your home cinema enormously. We recommend getting a rug and a cupboard to store small items. A thick and opaque curtain is necessary so that you can achieve a real cinema feeling at home.

A practical side effect: the curtain ensures that not so much heat arrives in the living room and not so much of it is lost in winter - so you save a lot of energy.

When it comes to lighting , we recommend using indirect lamps and spotlights in the cinema at home if possible. These shine up to the ceiling, for example, or are hidden behind cupboards and the like. So it can't happen that bright light disturbs you when enjoying a film. A change in color and brightness can also be important if you want it to be lighter or darker.

Climate in the cinema at home: This is how the air conditioning from Kältebringer helps

If it gets too warm or too cold in your home cinema , the movie night is over quickly. Especially with large window fronts or attic apartments , it is difficult to endure it on the couch in summer.

With a cold bringer air conditioner, you can easily and quickly control the temperature. Thanks to automatic adjustment to the outside temperature, it doesn't get too warm or too cold, and the system certainly doesn't consume too much electricity. It is controlled quickly and easily via a WiFi thermostat, and the temperature can also be quickly adjusted using a mobile phone.

A practical side effect: the air conditioning filters the room air from pollutants and thus also helps allergy sufferers. So if you have a pollen allergy, you can still enjoy a movie night thanks to her. In addition, pollutants and bad smells are filtered out of the air and ensure a significantly better climate even during long stays.

In winter, the air in the room also dries very quickly, and the air conditioning helps here too, because it can also influence the humidity. The climate in the interior remains the same on both cold and hot days. If you look at a regular movie theater, you'll see a lot of vents there too.

The cinema at home is the ideal solution if you want to have a nice evening on cloudy or rainy days . Home cinema is not as expensive as many think and can be implemented in almost any room - so don't hesitate and start your own cinema today!

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