Air conditioning & Co.: How to prepare your home for summer

Klimaanlage & Co.: So bereiten Sie Ihr Zuhause auf den Sommer vor

In winter you want your home to be as comfortable as possible. You lay out blankets, maybe get a fan heater, and probably spend a lot of time on the couch or in your bed. It's completely different in summer, here the hot temperatures mean that you can hardly sit on upholstered furniture at all. So that you do not start the summer unprepared this year, we are giving you a few tips today on how you can prepare your apartment for the summer!

Consequences of excessive heat in your home in summer

If you don't prepare your home for summer ahead of time, the next heat wave could take you by surprise. The consequences of this are not just limited to pure sweating, the other health consequences should not be underestimated either.

Among other things, great heat in your four walls has the following negative effects:

  • Headache, fatigue and drowsiness
  • Lack of motivation and reduced performance
  • Poor circulation, especially in the elderly and very young
  • Loss of fluids through profuse sweating
  • Formation of harmful ozone
  • The body's own cooling system is overloaded (=heat stroke)
  • Poor sleep, no or insufficient regeneration
  • Babies and small children are particularly at risk at night due to the heat
  • Additional burden for pets because of fur
  • Bad mood

These are just some of the negative side effects of excessive heat in an indoor environment. It is also not exactly pleasant for guests or babies to have to stay in such great heat. Here you should take action early and prepare your home for the summer. In the next paragraphs we will look at how this works and how the systems from Kältebringer help.

Tip: On our website you will find many other articles on the subject of health under the menu item Guide. Here you can read, for example, how the Kältebringer air conditioning system has a positive effect on allergy sufferers.

Tips: How to ideally prepare your home for summer

There are a few small things that you can change right now so that the summer temperature doesn't bother you so much. In the following paragraphs we have summarized the most important points, which can be implemented without great financial and time expenditure.

First of all, it is the heavy fabrics that you should part with in summer. For example, the velvet curtain on the window then has to go, and many blankets and pillows are also rather unfavorable. Which carpet is absolutely necessary, you should also think about that before summer. Simply replace the curtain with a model made of linen or light cotton, even a cold floor can be extremely cool in summer.

Tip: Think now about where you will put the cushions, carpets and the like in the summer. So they are quickly cleared away when it gets warm.

You can also banish unnecessary furniture for a few months to prepare your home for summer. Many objects in rooms also serve as heat storage, which makes the situation even more critical when it is already hot. It doesn't matter which piece of furniture you sort out, everything contributes to a room heating up less quickly.

Tip: The mass of small parts also contributes to the fact that more heat can accumulate in a room. So sort out things like decorative skins, candle holders and other decorations in summer - you will thank yourself later!

Plants help to cool down an apartment. In addition, they improve the air quality and also usually meet high visual standards. Here are some of the houseplants that work best to cool an indoor space. With these green plants you can prepare your home perfectly for the summer:

  • rubber tree
  • Indoor palms of all kinds
  • nest fern
  • bow hemp
  • cob thread
  • room aralie

Sun protection: You have these options in summer

One of the biggest factors in heating up a home are the windows and other glass parts such as doors or conservatories. Here the sun's rays sometimes come straight into the apartment and can heat up all objects. It is therefore important to protect these parts of your home well from the sun.

You always have several options for this. There is a curtain, a blind for inside and a permanently installed blind for outside. The curtain has the advantage that it is comparatively cheap to buy. You can hang a thicker curtain on the rod in winter, and a lighter one in summer. Here you only have to reckon with acquisition costs of approx. 50 euros per window.

Interior blinds are the second cheapest way to keep the sun's rays out of your living space. Small blinds cost about 80 euros per window unless you have windows which are made to measure. External blinds are very difficult to install because they usually have an electrical control and require a window box on the outside.

That's why you should equip your home with air conditioning in summer

In modern houses and apartments, air conditioning is now standard. You should also use a split air conditioning system in your home in summer, because it is the cheapest and most efficient way of cooling the room. A Kaltbringer split air conditioning system has the following advantages, among others:

  • Accurate & easy regulation of the room temperature
  • The humidity can be controlled
  • Less fluid loss due to lower room temperature
  • More motivation & higher performance
  • More comfortable sleep and better regeneration
  • Quieter nights if you have small children

These are just a few of the advantages you have with a cold bringer air conditioner in summer. Control is simple and uncomplicated via a mobile phone app, so you can control your system from anywhere in the world. A Kältebringer split air conditioner with a cooling capacity of 12,000 BTU costs you only 699.00 euros and can effectively cool rooms up to a size of 55 square meters.

With these tips you can ideally prepare your home for the summer. In addition, you should always make sure that you also adapt your body appropriately to the summer. Sufficient fluids and a balanced diet are the basis for you to feel comfortable in your own four walls even when the temperatures are high.

Have we aroused your interest and would you like to find out more about the air conditioning systems from Kältebringer? Then take a look at our product page , here you will find detailed information on all our systems and optional accessories.

If you have any questions, you can contact our customer service at any time. We are also happy to process your business customer request!

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