How to prepare your air conditioner for summer

So bereiten Sie Ihre Klimaanlage auf den Sommer vor

In recent years, the summers have been getting hotter almost continuously - this also means a higher load on all types of air conditioning systems. Split air conditioners are also very popular in the private sector today and remain activated throughout most of the summer. For this reason, there is not much time for maintenance, which you then have to do in winter. In this article we will show you the most important points that you should tick off in the cold season.

Hygiene: That's why you should always keep your air conditioner clean

Air conditioners usually run non-stop in summer. On particularly hot days, with an outside temperature of around 40 degrees Celsius, switching off occasionally would no longer be worthwhile. You don't want to sweat even at night, so the air conditioning runs 24/7.

Constant contact with warm air creates moisture inside the device, which shows up as condensation. Most systems therefore have a so-called condensate drain, which directs this water outside. Nevertheless, there are places in the air conditioning system where moisture collects and cannot escape. These include, for example, the fins of the fan and the air filter. In the worst case, long-term accumulation of moisture can even lead to viruses, bacteria or mold.

Dust is also deposited in the air conditioning system if you do not regularly wipe the accessible surfaces with a damp cloth. Deposits of dust, pollen and other fine debris make the air conditioner less effective and make you pay more for the same cooling performance. For this reason, regular cleaning should also be scheduled here if it is used frequently.

Another reason is of course to avoid infectious diseases and allergies. Regular cleaning means that no germs or viruses are swirled around in the air with the air conditioning system, and the air quality is then significantly better, even for allergy sufferers.

You should purchase the following accessories so that you can ideally clean your air conditioning system:

  • Set of replacement filters
    • Air Conditioning Disinfectant Foam
    • Brushes & cloths for gaps
    • Surface disinfection for outdoor use

    You can find many of these accessories in the Kältebringer online shop. But now to the actual preparations you should make this winter.

    Checking the outdoor unit

    Outdoors, especially if you live a little more green, there are some "risks" for your air conditioner's outdoor unit. Leaves, branches or foreign objects such as balloons and paper can get caught in the intake grille and thus block the fresh air supply. The result is extremely inefficient operation, especially since this is only noticed in very few cases.

    In winter you should therefore take a close look at the outdoor unit of your air conditioning system. If possible, remove the top grille and look for large debris and debris. Even wiping all accessible parts with a damp cloth will never damage the device.

    Important: Only ever carry out this work if you have deactivated your air conditioning system at least 20 minutes beforehand. Do not insert pointed or metal objects into the outdoor unit, nor disassemble the unit if prohibited in the manual. After cleaning, you must ensure that all parts are properly attached and screwed back together.

    Disinfection of the air filter

    The air filter has to do a lot of work in the summer - which makes it all the more important to remove it and clean it thoroughly. Advantage: You can also carry out this maintenance work completely by yourself. You don't need any expertise and not much can be damaged in the process.

    First of all, you need to turn off the AC & let it cool down. To do this, switch off the device and leave it alone for about 20 minutes. You can then remove the air filter in just a few simple steps. You can find detailed instructions for this on our website. The filter can then be placed in a basin of lukewarm soapy water to clean it. Here you can let it soak for at least 30 minutes. before rinsing and letting it dry.

    For the next step you need the disinfectant spray from Kaltbringer, which you can find in our online shop under the item "Accessories". Spray the entire filter with this and let the spray take effect for a short time. After that, the installation is already possible, you activate your air conditioning system and you are ready to go again. The dry foam will dissolve without you having to rinse it off again with water.

    Exchange of the different filters

    There are many different filters installed in your air conditioning system, each of which has a different task. These include, for example:

    • Vitamin C filter
      activated carbon filter
    • particle filter
    • Etc.

    When used in summer, these components also wear out more and more. They no longer filter pollutants and allergens from the air as effectively as with a new device, and unpleasant odors are no longer prevented either. It is therefore important to change these filters at regular intervals. At Kältebringer, we recommend our customers to replace all filters once a year, because that way you are on the safe side.

    A set with all six filters required for your Kältebringer air conditioner costs just under ten euros. With just a few simple steps, you can improve the air quality in your home many times over. It will also be easier for people with allergies because the filters will work like new again.

    You can find all the accessories you need in our online shop under the menu item air conditioners and then accessories .

    Clean accessible surfaces

    Not only the internal components of your air conditioning system are susceptible to dirt. You should also regularly wipe the accessible areas with at least a damp cloth. This includes the entire case, the fan fins and all other corners. A damp cloth is enough to remove most of the dirt.

    Optionally, you can also use a surface disinfectant that is suitable for plastics. It can be used to kill germs and bacteria in the corners and thus prevent them from spreading.

    These were the most important things to do with your air conditioning in winter. You can also think about where the weak points were last summer and whether you might need another system. An air conditioner with a higher cooling capacity could also be the right solution for you.

    You can find everything else about air conditioning on our website . Here you have an overview of our range and the solutions for private customers. You will also find numerous guides on various topics with us. Feel free to stop by and convince yourself of the advantages that you will have with an air conditioner!

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