Air conditioning with children - It has these advantages

Klimaanlagen mit Kindern - Diese Vorteile hat es

Air conditioning systems are now being retrofitted in many private residential buildings. This is mainly due to the increasingly hot summers in recent years, temperatures of over 40 degrees Celsius were the order of the day in most German cities. The split air conditioner is the ideal solution for this because it has the greatest cooling capacity. Many families with children also opt for air conditioning. In this article we will look at the advantages of this and what you need to consider if there are small children in the apartment.

The Health Benefits

Above all, cool air is one thing: pleasant. When you come out of the office7 on a hot summer day, you naturally look forward to a cool apartment. Your body can shut down and recover from the stress of the day. In addition to this important effect, however, there are many other health benefits. Air conditioning also makes sense as a preventive measure against many "summer illnesses". Some of the benefits include:

  • The cool temperature prevents headaches and fatigue even on long days
  • Thanks to constant air purification, there are always healthy conditions in your home
  • The air conditioner alleviates allergies because it filters out many substances from the air, such as pollen and house dust
  • With the air conditioning, the humidity can be regulated precisely, which advantages we will look at later
  • In a cool room, bacteria and viruses have less of a chance of spreading
  • You'll be fitter and more productive in a cool environment, even on long days
  • Your body regenerates better when it is at a comfortable temperature. This is particularly important at night in summer
  • Air conditioners are significantly better for your health than fans because they don't stir up dust or other particles

In the following, we will look more closely at some of the advantages of air conditioning, which are particularly relevant for children. If you also want to know about the other advantages of the split air conditioning system, you are welcome to visit the Kältebringer website under Advice .

Circulation: Here the air conditioning protects your children

All children want to play - regardless of the season and temperature. However, the constant movement at high temperatures means that the body is quickly exhausted. Heavy sweating and fatigue as well as headaches are the result. Especially young children can quickly develop circulatory problems if they play in a warm environment for too long.

The air conditioner prevents the consequences of too high a temperature. You can set the temperature in the room yourself, which is then automatically maintained permanently. A permanent temperature of 22 degrees during the day is recommended for babies and small children. This is not too low, so that the air conditioning does not have to work too hard even on very hot days. At night, a temperature of 19-21 degrees is recommended, because then the body needs to recover. In addition, the blanket provides extra warmth, which requires a lower room temperature.

Not only the room temperature can be changed with a split air conditioner, you also have an influence on the humidity. For an optimal climate, this should be between 30-50 percent. With a cold bringer air conditioner, you can change the temperature quickly and easily using an app or voice control. The humidity can also be adjusted and changed with just a few clicks. The WiFi module is installed as standard in all Kältebringer air-conditioning systems.

Better sleep & more rest for parents

The night is the most important part of the day for the body. Here he recovers from exertion and really slows down for the first time. It is also crucial for your children, because they are on the move almost all day and have to process impressions. If you have children of your own, then you surely know how grateful you could be for a quiet night when the children were very young. Babies often wake up in the middle of the night and then cannot go back to sleep.

This can be due to many different factors: hunger, pain, not being tired. In summer there is another factor that can make your child's sleep worse: heat. In a warm, stuffy room with no fresh air, your baby will wake up very soon, as it becomes unbearable under a blanket and pajamas. In addition to the child feeling unwell, the result is that you, the parent, have to jump out of bed again. This also disrupts your regeneration and the next day quickly turns into a fight against tiredness.

With an air conditioner from Kaltbringer, you can ensure restful nights, even in summer. Your child can relax best at a temperature between 18-20 degrees and there is no risk of suffering from heat. In night mode, the air conditioning is also very quiet at 19 dBa and the fan is only set to a low level. This also rules out a cold or a stiff neck the next day.

Important: So that the body is not endangered by excessive temperature differences, the difference between the inside and outside temperature should not be more than 10 degrees. Example: If the temperature outside at night is 30 degrees, it should not be below 20 degrees in your apartment. However, modern air conditioning systems have a solution for this rule, for example all cold bringer air conditioning systems automatically adapt to the outside temperature.

Humidity – on the safe side, even in winter

In winter, you can only ventilate your apartment to a limited extent, because then you would literally be "heating out the window". Especially with the current gas and oil tariffs, a window accidentally left open becomes extremely expensive. For this reason, a problem arises in many apartments in winter: dampness and mold. Because of the heating, moisture quickly develops in most rooms, which develops into mold in nooks and crannies within a few days.

The airways of babies and small children are even more sensitive to mold than those of adults. It is all the more important to prevent this in the cold season. Air conditioning systems also ensure that the humidity can be well regulated. With Kaltbringer, for example, you can easily set the humidity via the app and adjust it at any time. This means that this "danger" for your children is also eliminated.

A split air conditioner not only cools you down in summer, your health and that of your children will also benefit from this one-time purchase. On the Kältebringer website you will find a lot more information about our systems and how best to integrate them into your living situation!

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