Tips & tricks when buying an air conditioner

Tipps & Tricks beim Kauf einer Klimaanlage

In Germany, too, many people now want air conditioning for their homes. The increasingly hotter and longer summers are particularly difficult for residents of attic and city apartments. If you want to buy an air conditioner, you should do so in the next few months, because the prices for the devices drop noticeably in the cold season. We have summarized for you what should be considered when buying an air conditioner.

Type of air conditioner – Two models set the tone

As with most technical devices, there are many different models and variants of air conditioning systems. Two of them are particularly popular in Germany and are often used in private homes.

A particularly flexible type of air conditioning is the monoblock air conditioning system. It consists of only one device for the interior and an exhaust air hose that has to be laid out of the window. As the name suggests, monoblock air conditioners look like one block, i.e. a rather clumsy box.

Monobloc air conditioners have the advantage that their location can be changed in a few minutes. They are usually on wheels and can be used anywhere there is a window nearby. This type of air conditioning sucks the warm air out of the room, keeping the temperature low.

The significantly more efficient and popular variant is the split air conditioning system. It consists of an indoor and an outdoor unit that are connected through a hole in the wall. The split air conditioner has the advantage of a high cooling capacity in direct comparison to the power consumption. In addition, it is significantly quieter than the compact monoblock air conditioning system.

At Kältebringer you have the choice between monoblock or split air conditioning. In the further course of the article we will mainly cover the split air conditioner, since it brings the most advantages.

Volume - Avoid sleepless nights

Most people hope to improve their quality of life by purchasing an air conditioner. More relaxed nights and, above all, long days in the home office should be made possible with the modern devices, which is why the operating volume is an important factor when buying.

Monobloc air conditioners should be left out when volume matters. The exhaust hose and the resulting window create a volume that is hard to bear, especially in the city. The split air conditioning system is the clear winner in terms of volume.

Modern air conditioners are barely audible even at a high power level. Efficient filters and tuned fans ensure that you hardly notice that there is air conditioning in the room. With a Kaltbringer split air conditioning system, the volume develops in the following stages.

Low mode: 26 dbA -> Similar to whispering, own breathing sounds

Medium mode: 34 dbA -> rustling leaves right next to a tree

High mode: 40dbA -> Urban living space with the window closed

Night mode: 19 dbA -> rustling of leaves in front of the window

In night mode, the room temperature is maintained by the cold bringer split air conditioner without causing unnecessary noise. This mode is also suitable, for example, for the home office or as cooling during a meeting or conference. The volume of a split air conditioner cannot be surpassed by any other device, which is why this model is particularly suitable for a private living space.

Smart functions for uncomplicated operation

In the past, air conditioning systems had to be adjusted and programmed to make them work efficiently. But even then, the devices often consumed too much energy due to temperature fluctuations if they were not constantly readjusted. Modern air conditioning systems, such as those from Kältebringer, should therefore definitely have the following functions:

Automatic temperature adjustment: cold bringer air conditioners automatically adjust their cooling capacity to the current climate. This function is used to ensure that the difference between the inside and outside temperature is not too great. Too cold a climate weakens the immune system and can make it easier for infections to weaken the body. Even if the temperature changes, with a modern air conditioner you don't have to worry about excessive energy consumption.

Smart home connection: Modern air conditioning systems should have an integrated WiFi module these days. This makes it possible to control the air conditioner via app or with a voice assistant, making operation much easier. This WiFi module is pre-installed in all Kaltbringer devices. The operating times, the temperature and the power of the fan can be controlled from anywhere in the world with a smartphone. This function is useful, for example, when you return from vacation.

Heat pump: Heat pump technology is one of the most climate-friendly methods of heating a living space. A heat pump uses the ambient heat to emit it into the interior. Modern split air conditioning systems have an air-to-air heat pump to also heat the house in the transitional period. This technology can effectively save heating costs.

These three smart functions make operating a split air conditioner uncomplicated. If you decide to buy an air conditioner as a private person, these functions should definitely be available. If you would like to find out more information about the smart functions of the Kältebringer air conditioning systems, please take a look at the advice section on our homepage.

Energy efficiency - you should pay attention to this

When it comes to air conditioning, there are always two parameters that must be taken into account when it comes to energy efficiency: SEER and SCOP. Both stand for the conversion of the supplied energy into actual heating or cooling capacity. SEER applies to the cooling capacity. SCOP for the heating power.

Very good cooling performance is achieved from a SEER value of 5.0. This means that 1 kWh of supplied energy is converted into 5 kWh of cooling capacity. This is made possible by efficient and innovative coolants in the systems. Cooling air conditioners even achieve a SEER value of over 6.0.

When it comes to heat output, devices with a SCOP value of 3.0 and above are considered to be very energy-efficient. Here, too, cold bringer air conditioning systems with heat pumps score, because the SCOP value is 4.2.

Split air conditioners work most efficiently in both heating and cooling modes. If you want to get an air conditioner in the private space, then this type of air conditioner is the best. Thanks to smart functions, sensors and filters, the setting and operation is not for laypeople


No major structural changes are necessary for the installation, and maintenance is also not necessary, apart from a few appointments. The purchase price is very low compared to the great advantages of the more pleasant room climate.

Would you like to learn more about air conditioning systems and heat pumps? You can find many more blogs on this subject in the Advice section of the Kältebringer website. In the online shop you will also find many different accessories for air conditioning systems of all kinds.

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