Split Air Conditioner Maintenance - Here's how to save you money

Wartung von Split-Klimaanlagen - So können Sie Geld sparen

Split air conditioning systems are very durable and still provide reliable cooling on hot days even after several years. In addition, modern devices have their own cleaning mechanisms that make manual care almost unnecessary. However, there are some tips & tricks for cleaning and maintaining your split air conditioner that you should know. We have briefly summarized the most important.

Split Air Conditioning: These components require regular cleaning

As the name suggests, a split air conditioner consists of an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. In order to enable effective operation, it is therefore important to regularly clean certain components of the air conditioning system yourself. The most important components that need to be cleaned include:

The air filter - This ensures that your air conditioner does not stir up dust and germs, but only really clean air. It filters coarse dirt from the room air and is "full" after a certain time. In order for the air conditioning system to continue to provide good air, it must be cleaned at regular intervals.

The Condenser – The condenser is responsible for releasing the heat from the heated refrigerant to the outside air. As it cools, this refrigerant liquefies and also cools down. This process creates heat and moisture, which can help spread germs. It is therefore important to clean this component regularly as well.

Cleaning the air filter: simply and quickly explained

The air filter should not spread germs and bacteria in the room, but only whirl up clean air. Therefore, it is important to keep it as clean as possible. The cleanliness of your home has little to do with the dirt in the air filter. Dust, bacteria and germs are also deposited here in very clean living spaces.

For air conditioning systems, we recommend thorough maintenance by qualified personnel at least once a year. Depending on the effort and spare parts, the price for this is between 80-150 euros, but you can still save a lot with your own care and cleaning. Below is a brief explanation of how to clean the air filter yourself.

First, the cold bringer air conditioner must be disconnected from the power. After that, you should wait about 15-20 minutes before you start cleaning, so that no more dust is stirred up inside the device. The coarsest dirt can then be removed from the grille of the air conditioning system with a vacuum cleaner.

The air filter sits directly behind the air conditioning grille. In order to be able to clean it effectively, it needs to be removed. This air filter can be removed quickly and easily from all Kaltebringer devices. This filter can then be easily cleaned and disinfected in a basin with water, after which the filter must be dried completely.

Installation is then just as easy as removal, after which the power can be switched on again! The air filter is a wearing part. The more often it is cleaned, the more it wears out and filters less well. It is therefore recommended to replace the air filter after each heating season.

Outdoor unit: Regular inspection recommended

The outdoor unit of the Kältebringer air conditioning system is exposed to the weather conditions without any protection. In the course of the year, the grille through which the air is sucked in can also become dirty or clogged.

You should therefore remove branches, pollen or other foreign objects from the grid at regular intervals. In most systems, the grille can also be detached from the housing with a few screws, making it easy to clean. It is important that no dirt is wiped into the interior of the system.

Check condensation and humidity regularly

In the course of the cooling cycle, the warm air always produces moisture and condensation. If there are problems with the discharge, mold or germs can quickly develop. You should be alarmed if you can see drops or a wet film through the grille of your air conditioning system. Even if the indoor unit drips from time to time, a check is absolutely necessary.

Chill Bringer air conditioners have a two-way condensate drain. This guarantees that the resulting liquid is safely and quietly discharged to the outside. In addition, modern air conditioning systems use sensors to detect when moisture builds up in the indoor unit and stop operation automatically.

Smart cleaning functions

In the past, operating an air conditioning system involved a lot of work because the devices had many confusing spaces in between. In addition, the systems were often assembled in a complicated manner, so that a layman had no chance of disassembling the air conditioning system himself.

A feature of a modern air conditioner is the presence of a self-cleaning function. This destroys bacteria and germs inside without the owner even noticing. Cold bringer air conditioners automatically notice when cleaning is needed and carry it out at an appropriate moment. The actual operation is not stopped.

As described above, modern air conditioning systems also switch off automatically in the event of problems. In the case of a split air conditioning system, these include, for example, the escape of water or coolant. However, when refrigerant leaks, an HVAC professional should always be contacted immediately. Contact with skin can cause severe frostbite.

The condenser, i.e. the heat exchanger in the air conditioning system, often comes into contact with moisture. A condenser made of cheap metal can quickly rust, damaging the air conditioner. When buying, you should therefore make sure, in addition to the cleaning function, that the capacitor is made of a durable and resistant material.

In all Kaltbringer air conditioning systems, the heat exchanger is made of high-quality TitanGold. This material is particularly load-resistant and corrosion-resistant. By preventing the formation of rust, your air conditioner will also have a longer service life.

Conclusion: This is what matters when looking after an air conditioner

Modern air conditioning systems are extremely low-maintenance because they mostly clean themselves. In addition, sensitive components such as air filters or grilles can be easily replaced and cleaned, which increases the service life.

With frequent use, maintenance by specialist staff is recommended about twice a year. This also applies to areas with high hygiene requirements, such as medical practices or clinics. The maintenance & replacement of individual air conditioning components is inexpensive and can increase the service life by several years. With a split air conditioning system in private living space, it is sufficient to have the system checked once a year after the cooling period.

Would you like to learn more about air conditioning systems and heat pumps for the private sector? You can find many different blog articles and inspiration on this in the Advice section on the Kältebringer website!

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