Dream of your own party room - You should create these basics

Traum vom eigenen Partyraum - Diese Grundlagen sollten Sie schaffen

If you have already made the dream of owning your own home possible, then you will probably start planning the rooms right away. You may want to set up your own fitness studio or create your own party room - and are still unsure when it comes to preparation and setup. In this Kaltbringer blog article, we look at how you can set up your own party room and what the basics need to be in place.

What should I pay attention to if I want to set up my own party room?

Having your own party room is the dream of many people when they have bought their own home. It is often relocated to the basement , since there is still space here and the noise does not bother us. However, as there are often problems with heating and moisture , especially in the basement, you need to clarify a few things in advance . These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Moisture - Is my basement damp or how do I dry it out?
  • Heating - What type of heating do I want to install and are the facilities available?
  • Electricity – Are there enough sockets in the room or do you need to install new ones?
  • Renting - Live in a rented house? Then you must clarify in advance with your landlord whether such other use is possible
  • Price - Can I bear the costs that such a party room entails or do I possibly have to take out a loan?

All these points should be clarified in advance so that there are no difficulties later on. If everything works, then your own party room is the perfect solution for small family celebrations or even a football night with your friends. Therefore, the right preparation in the party room is the be-all and end-all.

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Heating in your own party room – you have these options!

If you have a party room in a basement or other underground space, make sure you have adequate heating . Without adequate heating, it can be difficult to keep the room warm in the winter, which can limit the use of the party space .

There are several heating options that you can consider such as electric heaters, gas heaters or radiant heaters. Which option works best for you depends on the size of your party space, your budget, and other factors. It's important to take the time to research the different options and make sure you make the right choice to make your party space comfortable and cozy.

The electric heater in the basement is probably the most sensible way to bring heat in here. The infrared heater distributes its rays similar to the sun and warms up a room in just a few minutes. In addition, all objects are heated directly and there is no detour through the air - i.e. no moisture either, which would otherwise quickly become fatal in the basement.

The optimal furnishing of your own party room

When setting up the party room , you should take your time. Think carefully about how many people should have space and for which occasions you would like to use the basement .

If, for example, football is often watched here or a film evening is spent, then comfortable furniture such as armchairs or a cozy couch is recommended. Here you should rely on durable and resistant pieces of furniture that can also withstand when the room is not heated when not in use. Leather, for example, is suitable here because it withstands temperature fluctuations well.

On the other hand, you often celebrate birthdays in the basement, so you may want to generate as many seats as possible. Therefore, beer table sets are ideal here, and they quickly disappear back into the corner when they are not needed. An extendable table can also be a good solution, because it doesn't take up too much space if only a few people are visiting - so you are modular in the party room !

Here are some more inspirations for setting up your own party room:

  • Bar and bar stools - A bar with matching bar stools is a great addition to any party space as it gives guests a central place to gather and drink
  • Comfortable sofas and armchairs - Some comfortable sofas and armchairs are essential for a party room to create a cozy atmosphere and provide guests with a place to relax
  • Bar Tables and Bar Stools - Bar tables with matching bar stools provide guests with a place to stand and chat while enjoying drinks.
  • A Pool Table - A classic for any party space, a pool table provides a fun way for guests to keep themselves occupied
  • Cinema Beanbags - Cinema beanbags are a great way to turn the party room into a cozy cinema hall and provide guests with a relaxing place to sit
  • Dart Game - A dart game is a fun and interactive addition to any party space, providing guests with a fun activity to play together

Wall paint & decoration in your own party room

Since you are in a basement, the color of the walls also plays a major role here. The party cellar is a place of relaxation and joy, where you can isolate yourself from the outside world and celebrate exuberantly. The choice of wall color and decoration plays a decisive role here. A light wall color can make the room look bigger and friendlier, while darker colors can create a cozier and more intimate atmosphere . When choosing the decoration, you can work with different themes to create a special mood. A cocktail bar corner with an illuminated sign or a disco ball on the ceiling can perfect the ambience, for example.

Another important factor in the design of the party room is the temperature. Especially when many people are celebrating in a room, it can quickly get warm and the mood can change. Cold bringer air conditioners can help here. They ensure a pleasant and constant temperature in the room and thus guarantee that the party guests feel comfortable and can enjoy the celebration until the early hours of the morning .

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