Are Air Conditioners Really Harmful? - A guide for those who still have doubts

Sind Klimaanlage wirklich schädlich? - Ein Ratgeber für alle, die noch zweifeln

Summers have been getting hotter and hotter in our European latitudes for a number of years. Even in Germany, temperatures above 35 degrees are no longer uncommon, which often makes it difficult to lead a comfortable life, especially in small apartments. Air conditioning has therefore experienced a great boom in the last ten years.

However, many people still think that air conditioning is harmful and has many disadvantages. In this Kältebringer blog article, we do away with prejudices and show you what is important when it comes to a healthy air conditioning system!

Basics: How split air conditioning works

To give you a better understanding of what is important when it comes to health-friendly air conditioning , let's first look at how split air conditioning works. There are different types of air conditioners , but the split system is the most popular in Germany. Kältebringer has also largely specialized in the sale of split air conditioning systems with smart functions. You can find more information on this on our homepage .

Here is a simple explanation of the principle of a split air conditioner:

A split air conditioner consists of two units: an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. The outdoor unit is outside the building and contains the compressor, while the indoor unit is inside the building and contains the evaporator. The two units are connected to each other by coolant lines. Air conditioners work by drawing hot air from a room, cooling it through an evaporator, and blowing the cold air back into the room. Warm air is sent through refrigerant lines to the outdoor unit, where it is cooled and pumped back into the room. In this way, the split air conditioner can effectively cool and dehumidify the room.

The big advantage of the split air conditioning system: You can use it to operate several indoor units with one outdoor unit. For example, you can temper your living room and bedroom, but you only have to invest in one outdoor unit.

Especially in the bedroom, air conditioning can be the opposite of harmful to health . The constant, cool temperature means you sleep better and can regenerate your body better. In addition, the air conditioning reduces the humidity , which improves the air quality even further.

In the Advice section of the Kältebringer website you will find many more articles on health related to air conditioning. Please take a look!

Health risks from air conditioning

Now we would like to take a look at whether there are really any health risks from using an air conditioner. First of all, it should be said that it is always a question of hygiene and the setting of the air conditioner whether it is a health hazard. You cannot call air conditioners themselves harmful to health , because the devices are not.

Risk one: Inadequate cleaning

If you don't clean an air conditioner, bacteria and germs have an easy time of it. Warm air is constantly cooled in the system, which creates a lot of moisture. If this then arrives in the corners and edges and stays there, bacteria and germs form. This is one of the reasons why many people from Europe have problems with air conditioning in holiday countries.

So here is a brief summary of how to clean the air conditioner to avoid harmful effects:

Cleaning your split air conditioner is very important to ensure efficient and clean airflow. One way to clean split air conditioners is to use a special cleaning foam. The cleaning foam is suitable for indoor units of split air conditioners and removes dirt and dust. Then wipe off the foam with a damp cloth or sponge. This method can also be used to clean hard-to-reach spots in indoor units, which are often difficult for traditional cleaners.

You can find such a cleaning foam in the Kältebringer online shop. In a separate blog article you can read exactly how the cleaning works and what you should pay attention to. The cleaning is very uncomplicated and done in a few minutes, even for laypeople that is not a problem.

Risk 2: Too low temperature in the interior

Air conditioning ensures that you always keep a cool head on warm days. It is therefore important that the inside temperature is noticeably different from the outside temperature. However, if the difference is too large, it is problematic, since the body's own defense mechanisms then no longer function properly. For example, if it is 42 degrees Celsius outside but only 20 inside, then bacteria and viruses can easily penetrate the body and become a danger.

We therefore recommend that the difference between the outside and inside temperature should not exceed 10 degrees Celsius. In this way you ensure that you do not expose your body to large fluctuations and thus endanger your health.

Tip: All Kaltbringer air conditioning systems can be automatically adjusted to the outside temperature if required. So it happens all by itself that the room temperature is not too low.

Risk 3: Wrong placement

The placement of the air conditioner is very important. If, for example, the blower blows constantly on your neck in the home office, you can get a stiff neck or even a cold. Therefore, make sure that the air conditioner is placed in the right place in your home.

The best places to place a Kaltbringer split air conditioner are in the living room , hallway or even the bedroom . Cool air is particularly important here, in the hallway it can also be distributed throughout the apartment .

Conclusion: Are air conditioners harmful to health?

Generally speaking, air conditioners are not harmful to health . Only an incorrect setting or disregard for the basics of hygiene can ensure that the devices become a greater or lesser risk to your health. It is therefore important to carry out regular basic cleaning so that there is no danger.

Do you need tips on how to clean your air conditioning system or would you like to find out more about all of our products? Then take a look at the Kältebringer website ! Here you will find numerous articles on a wide variety of topics and you can also read all the product data in a simply summarized form. We look forward to you!

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