Heat pump in spring - how to bridge the transitional period!

Infrarotheizung im Frühjahr – So überbrücken Sie die Übergangszeit!

Summer and winter are pretty clear when it comes to weather. In winter, your permanently installed heating usually runs permanently, on hot days often not at all. It's completely different in spring or autumn - there can be major fluctuations within a day, which your heating system has to compensate for. These times of the year are the most expensive for you as a consumer because your heating has to be turned up again and again. Infrared heaters are the ideal solution here - we will show you how to use the devices correctly!

Transitional period – This is why too much heating energy is often used here

Winter and summer used to be quite clear in our latitudes. It was either permanently cold or permanently very warm – there have not yet been any unusual changes. In times of climate change, however, things look quite different, because the weather is becoming less and less predictable.

Whenever it suddenly gets cold again in spring, your convection heating has to start up again. Often there is no grace period in which the apartment temperature can be slowly and steadily adjusted. The result is a massive consumption of raw materials, since the system has to start "from zero to one hundred".

The same applies to autumn, when it suddenly gets much warmer again. In this respect, it is always a smart move to have an electric heater available for days like this. Bringer's infrared heaters fulfill this function.

Infrared heating as additional heating: Fast & cheap heat

In most buildings, infrared heating only makes sense as an add-on, since convection heating is usually already in place. While oil or gas heating is expensive, leaving it unused would be beyond inefficient.

Infrared heaters have long been used as sole heating in new buildings. The simple, white panels are usually installed on the walls or ceiling and are hardly noticeable. However, infrared heaters can also appear in other ways, for example as a mirror or mural. In contrast to the classic radiator, the devices have a slim design that does not take up much space. Small apartments remain as empty as possible and every meter can be used efficiently.

The price you have to reckon with for an infrared heater always depends on the performance it brings. High-quality models in plain white are available from Bringer from 109.00 euros. You can find out what output you need for your individual living space with our heating load calculator free of charge!

That's why infrared heating makes so much sense in the spring

There are many reasons why you should choose an IR heater. The panels are referred to by many experts as the heating of the future because they do not require any additional raw materials. Only electricity is required for the small devices to spread a pleasant, sun-like warmth.

The infrared heater fulfills several points that make it the perfect additional heater. These include the following:

  • Easy to install – No specialist knowledge is required to install an infrared heater. For the Bringer devices, all you have to do is drill three doweled holders into the wall, then the panel can simply be hung up. After plugging in, it is immediately ready for use, making it superior to other additional heaters such as the fireplace

  • Quiet operation - Even on the highest operating level you will not notice that there is an additional heater in your room. A fan heater, on the other hand, is very loud and could be a nuisance in quiet rooms

  • No Heat Up Time - When you turn on an oil or gas heater, it takes a while for the heat to really be felt. Heating times of over 30 minutes are not uncommon here. On the other hand, once you plug in the IR heater, it will emit the infrared rays. It can therefore also spontaneously compensate for cold phases without having to plan anything beforehand

  • Long Beam Distance - A 1200 watt Bringer infrared heater has a beam distance of around 20 meters - no other retrofit heater can match that. Even large rooms or apartments in old buildings can be effectively heated with a single panel

  • Smart Control - When the weather suddenly changes, you need to be able to act quickly, so easy control of your heating is essential. All Bringer heaters, for example, can be controlled with a WiFi thermostat from anywhere in the world with the right app - spontaneous adjustments are no longer a problem

  • High security - Old-fashioned heating methods - such as an open fireplace - present a high potential for danger. The electric heater, on the other hand, has various safety devices that make operation safe. These include voltage and overheating protection, which take all the risks away from you

With the infrared heater you close heat gaps in the transitional period. It also meets high decorative requirements and is available in different performance levels. You can find more detailed information on all Bringer products on our website !

Practical examples of using infrared heating in spring

You now know why infrared heating makes so much sense in spring and summer. To make it easier for you after the purchase, we would like to list some practical application examples.

First, let's look at mobile use. All Bringer infrared heaters can be made mobile with a base with wheels. The panel is clamped using a simple, robust clamping mechanism, which means you can easily remove it from the holder. Thanks to this accessory, you can always take the heat with you to where you need it most. A practical example of this would be in the evening when you want to move from the couch to the bedroom. In this way, only the room in which you are actually staying is heated.

Fixed ceiling installation in the bedroom is also an option for infrared heating. This gives you additional underfloor heating, as the rays also reach the floor. It ensures a peaceful sleep without interruptions due to cold or moisture. Sweat is also dried quickly and unobtrusively by the infrared heater. With the optional ceiling bracket , you can mount your Bringer infrared heater in just a few simple steps.

Important: Do not mount the panel directly above your head, as this can quickly become uncomfortably warm at night.

Conclusion: infrared heating in spring

With a one-off investment in infrared heating, you save high heating costs in autumn and spring. Thanks to the mobile installation, it is also not a problem to use the panel for other purposes at short notice. All devices work quietly and only need a socket or a fixed power connection to operate. They are also maintenance-free and durable, and your initial investment will have paid for itself after just a few years.

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