This is what you need to know about the heat pump dryer

Das müssen Sie über den Wärmepumpentrockner wissen

The dryer and the washing machine are usually among the appliances in a household that consume the most electricity during operation. Depending on how often these are needed, this can lead to very high electricity costs, which have already risen sharply in the past year. The heat pump dryer is a fairly new invention on the market that can be energy efficient in drying your laundry - in this article we take a look at what you need to know about it and how it works.

Important: Especially in summer you can largely do without a tumble dryer. Towards the end of the article, we will give you some tips on how to save energy effectively. You will also find many other blog articles on various topics in the Kältebringer blogs .

The heat pump dryer: what is it and how does it work?

The heat pump dryer is an energy efficient way to dry clothes. In contrast to a normal dryer, it works in a closed circuit in which the air inside the dryer is reused over and over again.

The functioning of the heat pump dryer is comparable to that of an air conditioning system: With the help of a compressor, it draws in air from outside and compresses it. This increases the temperature of this air and then directs it into the interior of the dryer. Here it flows around the still wet clothing and removes the moisture from it. This air then goes to a condenser, which cools it down. This then directs the water from the air into a container or directly into a drain. The cycle is then repeated until the laundry is no longer wet.

A conventional dryer always heats up new air, which makes drying possible faster - but also consumes significantly more energy. Therefore, in most cases, the heat pump dryer is the more sensible and economical solution, even if it has a slightly higher purchase price.

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These are the advantages of the heat pump dryer

You may still be unsure whether you should buy a heat pump dryer. After the one-time purchase, however, you will benefit from many advantages, including:

  • High energy efficiency - Compared to conventional dryers, the heat pump dryer uses energy much more efficiently. These household appliances belong to the energy efficiency class A+++
  • Save electricity - A heat pump dryer can save around 50 percent in electricity costs when you look at a classic tumble dryer
  • No Moisture – A regular tumble dryer emits moisture to the outside, affecting the air in the room. With the heat pump dryer, this remains in a closed circuit and is fed directly into the drain. This means it can be used in any room

The biggest advantage of the heat pump dryer is that it no longer requires a heating element. This consumes the most energy in a conventional tumble dryer and causes immense electricity costs. Instead, the heat required is not conducted out of the device, but reused, which is what characterizes the heat pump dryer.

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Disadvantages of a heat pump dryer

As with everything, there are not only advantages with the heat pump dryer, but also some disadvantages that should be considered before buying. One of these disadvantages is that these dryers are more noisy than traditional tumble dryers, making them less suitable for apartments with direct neighbors. They should best be housed in a basement.

You also have to consider the higher acquisition costs when you decide on a heat pump dryer. The devices are significantly more expensive than conventional convection dryers. However, the investment pays off after just a few years thanks to the electricity saved - but the first investment still has to be made.

More tumble dryer tips

Now you know exactly why the heat pump dryer can be a sensible investment - now you have to weigh up whether it is worthwhile in your specific case. In this paragraph we will now give you some general tips on how you can save energy when drying laundry.

First of all, we recommend that you do not overload the drum with laundry when drying. This allows more air to reach the garments and the dryer can work efficiently. You can also set a program with a high spin speed on your washing machine so that as much moisture as possible can be removed from the clothes. This also saves your dryer a lot of work and extends its lifespan.

In summer you can even largely do without using a tumble dryer, because you should rather dry the laundry in the sun. This not only ensures faster drying, the wind and sun also give the clothes a good smell and make them feel very soft. However, if you air dry the laundry indoors, you should air the room regularly, otherwise the risk of mold increases.

Tip: There is also a lint filter in your tumble dryer. You have to empty this once after each use, because only then does the device work with its maximum efficiency.

Conclusion: This is why the heat pump dryer makes sense

Conventional tumble dryers are still used in many households. However, these are enormously energy inefficient and consume much more electricity than at the beginning, especially after a long period of use. So much money is thrown out the window over the years - that's why purchasing a heat pump dryer makes sense. You can use it to dry laundry efficiently and save a lot of electricity at the same time - your CO2 footprint will be smaller and you can have a clear conscience banning a power guzzler from the house.

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