Air conditioning disinfection in spring: That's why it's so important

Klimaanlagen-Desinfektion im Frühling: Darum ist sie so wichtig

The temperatures are slowly rising and the cold season is coming to an end - for many people something that directly improves their mood and increases their anticipation for summer. Whether it's a barbecue, going to the lake or a cozy picnic in the park with friends, there are many things that haven't really been feasible for a few months now. For owners of an air conditioner, there is one more thing: air conditioner disinfection. In this article, we'll take a look at why it's so important and what the immediate benefits are.

Basics: These are the benefits of air conditioning

You may be new to air conditioning and don't know everything about the versatile devices. In this paragraph we will therefore give you a few basic things you need to know about split air conditioning. An air conditioner removes the warm air from the room, cools it down in a circuit and then feeds it back into the room to be cooled.

This results in numerous benefits for health and well-being:

  • Regulating the room temperature
  • improvement of air quality
  • increase in comfort
  • Minimizing heat stress
  • Efficient energy cost reduction
  • increase in well-being
  • Optimization of the indoor climate
  • Improving work performance in offices
  • Protection of electronic devices from overheating
  • Protection of food and medicines from perishability

All in all, the air conditioning system is a sensible purchase for a private house in most cases. The prices for high-quality devices are now low and the systems impress with their longevity and many smart functions.

Important: Split air conditioners like those from Kaltbringer are not only suitable for cooling. There is also a heat pump in these systems, which provides an effective addition to the heating system in the cold season. You will find detailed application examples and product descriptions on our website .

Air conditioning disinfection in spring: you need to know that

Warm air is continuously fed through an air conditioning system, cooled and fed in warm again. This creates moisture in the gaps, which forms an ideal breeding ground for germs and bacteria. If this air conditioning system is not cleaned and serviced regularly, the following risks can arise in the interior:

  • Breeding ground for germs and bacteria
  • spread of infectious diseases
  • Unpleasant smells
  • deterioration in air quality
  • increase in energy costs
  • Increase in repair and maintenance costs
  • Shortening the life of the air conditioner
  • Air conditioning failure

For these reasons, regular disinfection of air conditioning systems is so important, even in the spring. With Kaltbringer disinfectant foam, you can clean the entire system in a few minutes without putting in too much effort. One can is sufficient for two applications and can be purchased in our online shop.

This is how air conditioning disinfection with foam works

It is precisely for this problem that we have developed our own air conditioning disinfection system in order to increase the service life of our system. The spray can be used on all types of air conditioners, that is, in addition to split air conditioners, it is also suitable for mobile devices and dehumidifiers. The many benefits of Cold Bringer air conditioner disinfection include:

  • Fast removal of viruses, bacteria, bacteria and fungi
  • Improve indoor air with room odor and preventative ingredients
  • Developed and manufactured in Germany without a large CO2 footprint
  • Extend the life of your air conditioner the easy way
  • Simple and quick application, multiple times if necessary
  • Your system stays powerful longer and works more efficiently

Preventing the spread of viruses, including Covid-19

The application of the cold bringer air conditioning disinfection is quickly explained: After you have switched off the device, apply the foam directly to the evaporator surface. Then ventilate the room well and let the spray take effect, it does not have to be washed out afterwards. If necessary, you can also disinfect internal surfaces of the air conditioning system, simply use the extension provided. If necessary, the air conditioning filters can also be cleaned with the foam.

Don't worry: the foam cannot damage the air conditioner in any way, nor the electrical equipment. After an exposure time of about an hour, the air conditioning can be activated again without any problems, and then a pleasant room scent spreads through the room.

More tips for disinfecting your air conditioner

In addition to disinfecting with foam, there are a few other things you can do to increase the life of your air conditioner with simple means. This includes, for example, the replacement of wearing parts or the cleaning and maintenance of the outdoor unit.

You can easily replace all the filters in the Kältebringer split air conditioning system yourself. You can find a suitable set with all filters in our online shop for very little money, but this already increases the service life of your air conditioning system enormously. For example, a vitamin C filter ensures that the cooled air then has a neutral and pleasant smell.

These were the most important reasons why you should regularly take care of the disinfection of your air conditioning system. In this way you extend the service life, improve the air quality and increase the well-being of all residents. More detailed information about our systems can be found on our website !

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