More than just cold air - The many advantages of air conditioning

Mehr als nur kalte Luft - Die vielen Vorteile einer Klimaanlage

Most people associate air conditioning with one thing in particular – cool air in the interior on hot summer days. Whether in the car or in your own attic apartment, even in our part of the world it is now difficult to get by in summer without air conditioning. What many people don't know: in addition to the cold, air conditioning has many other decisive advantages, especially for your health. We have summarized the most important points.

Health: An air conditioner as a real all-rounder

Especially in summer, our body is already weakened by the high temperature in everyday life. Long working hours in the office or a lot of exercise in the sun can quickly lead to headaches, poor concentration or even dizziness. The cool air from the air conditioning can improve a lot here because it helps the body to relax. In addition to this obvious advantage, there are many other interesting effects of a cooling device on the body.

An air conditioner reduces the humidity

Excessive humidity is a problem, especially in the cold season. But how does this actually come about? That's easy to explain: Most heaters use water pipes in the wall to heat the air at about waist height. This warm air then rises in the room and spreads out. When it gets colder again, it sinks and is heated up again.

This process creates moisture, which often shows up in the form of condensation on the window panes. In the worst case, the drops run into gaps and cracks, where they quickly lead to the formation of mold. Moisture is particularly problematic with wooden windows because it causes the material to decompose, which destroys the windows over time.

A major benefit of air conditioning is reducing the humidity in a room. Cold air can only absorb about half as much water as warm air, which also means that the air humidity continues to drop as the room cools down. Even in winter, the air conditioner can pull moisture out of the air at a low operating level or with the help of a dehumidification function.

The avoidance of mold has a great advantage, especially for allergy sufferers. In addition, lower humidity ensures that no oppressive and muggy climate can form in winter. This improves alertness, concentration and also prevents headaches.

Kaltbringer split air conditioners are the right choice if you want to keep the humidity in your room at an ideal level. The devices impress even on hot summer days with their quiet operation and drain condensate in two ways. All of our air conditioning systems adapt the cooling capacity to the outside climate as required, so that the power consumption is not too high.

Improving air quality with split air conditioners

Air conditioners used to have a rather bad image as many people, especially in Europe, thought they were unhygienic and dirty. This was due to the fact that the devices were still very complex at the time. In most cases, cleaning and removal of wearing parts could only be carried out by a specialist company, and so this was often simply left out. The consequence of this was the accumulation of moisture, bacteria and germs inside the system. The air filter and the nested fins, which were hardly accessible from the outside, were particularly susceptible to viruses.

Now, however, things are looking very different. Modern split air conditioning systems, like those from Kältebringer, have a wealth of cleaning functions and extras. The design of air conditioning systems has also changed in recent years: Today, the covers and filters of the indoor units can be easily removed so that you can clean the vulnerable components yourself. You can easily replace the air filter and other dirty parts yourself.

Air quality benefits the most from these innovations in technology. Modern air conditioning systems improve this significantly in several respects:

Pollen - All Kaltbringer split air conditioners have an activated carbon filter. This removes all coarse suspended matter from the air, including flower and grass pollen. Many people in Germany have a problem with hay fever in spring, and the filters allow the body to recover from the stress in its own four walls

House dust House dust is also a problem that many people struggle with. However, an air conditioner does not whirl it up, as is often assumed, but rather filters it out of the air. The air conditioner is also a real insider tip against dust

Viruses & Bacteria - Modern air conditioning systems today have a large number of filters. At Kaltbringer, this includes: activated carbon filters, vitamin C filters or silver ion filters. The air is filtered through six layers, which effectively inhibits the spread of viruses and bacteria. Air conditioning also helps against the spread of Covid-19 indoors

Insects & Parasites - Many species of bugs thrive in warm and humid areas. For example, you will notice more fruit and house flies if your home is noticeably damp. The effects of air conditioning described above automatically reduce the number of insects in your four walls, which also contributes to your health

These were just some of the health benefits that come with improved air quality. Purchasing a split air conditioner can also help with certain respiratory diseases, such as asthma. The air conditioning filters "dirty" air so that this disease can no longer be triggered by dust particles or allergens. You can find out more about the health effects of an air conditioner under the menu item “ Advice ” on the Kältebringer website.


Air conditioners produce much more than just cool air. Many people experience a significant improvement in their quality of life after purchasing one or more air conditioners. In some situations, air conditioning is the only long-term solution, such as in heat-sensitive lofts. In addition to improving concentration and performance even on hot days, the air conditioning also brings real added value for allergy sufferers.

It reduces the number of pollen and house dust in the indoor air and does not whirl them up. All substances that are in the outside air are removed quickly and efficiently by the complex filter systems. In addition, the split air conditioner also scores points when it comes to reducing humidity, which is also helpful in many ways.

Would you like to find out more about split air conditioning systems or would you like to take a closer look at our various models? Do not hesitate and visit our online shop today . Under the menu item "Guide" you will find articles on the maintenance & installation of your air conditioning system as well as many other blogs about our cooling systems.

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