Avoid colds – you should keep this in mind when it comes to indoor climate

Erkältungen vermeiden – das sollten Sie beim Raumklima beachten

In recent years, the effects of climate change have also become increasingly clear in the European latitudes. The summers were long, and it often didn't rain properly for months. The temperatures in living spaces in many places quickly rose above the 30-degree mark, and the residents looked for solutions. Air conditioning has therefore become increasingly popular in recent years, especially in cities, attic apartments and rooms with glass fronts. We have summarized for you what you should pay attention to if you want to create a pleasant, healthy indoor climate.

Choosing the right temperature

Even today, the widespread myth that air conditioning is the cause of colds persists. Even if this claim contains very little truth, there is a reasonable reason for this thinking: The defense mechanisms, i.e. the body's immune system, are weakened when temperatures are too cold. This makes it harder for the body to defend itself against bacteria or viruses that come its way. A cold can also come on faster this way, even if the pure cold is not the cause.

Because an important fact here is the following: The cold does not automatically cause a cold. That means you won't get sick just because you dress too thin. Colds are always caused by bacteria or viruses, the cold only weakens the body's defense mechanism.

A few things should therefore be considered when it comes to room temperature in order to prevent colds: On the one hand, there is the difference between the inside and outside temperature. Even on very hot days, this should not be more than ten degrees Celsius. Example: It's 33 degrees outside in summer, so it shouldn't be below 23 degrees Celsius indoors. However, modern air conditioning systems can help with this problem: All Kaltbringer air conditioning systems have an integrated temperature adjustment that prevents excessive temperature differences. The system continuously detects the outside temperature and adjusts the room temperature accordingly.

A room temperature of 22 degrees is generally recommended in all rooms, only in the kitchen it should be a little colder. If you travel, you should lower the temperature in all rooms by about five degrees. With a cold bringer air conditioner, you can conveniently control the temperature using a remote control or a mobile app, with the latter even from anywhere in the world. Find out about the many options for a pleasant indoor climate.

Adjustment of the blower

Another problem with an air conditioning system that should not be underestimated can be an incorrectly set fan. Here is a practical example to give you a better idea:

You have decided to install a cold bringer air conditioner above your bed for a more comfortable sleep at night. However, when you installed it, you didn't pay attention to what angle the blower is set at, and this is pointing straight at your neck. Stiffening and unpleasant tension can arise as a result of the permanent air conditioning and the rigid posture of the neck.

When installing the indoor unit, it should therefore always be noted that the ventilation cannot be directed straight at a person, e.g. above a sofa or a bed. The ventilation should always be in a central location in the apartment where the cooled air can be distributed as effectively as possible.

At Kältebringer you have the choice between air conditioning systems with different performance/cooling levels, which can be ideally adapted to any room size. Find out in advance in our online shop which cooling capacity suits your living situation.

Cleaning and maintenance of your air conditioner

Air conditioning systems are solely responsible for the room air, especially in midsummer, when the windows are usually closed. In order to better clarify this section, we would like to briefly explain the principle of how an air conditioner works:

A split air conditioner draws in outside air with a type of turbine. This is then cooled using a coolant and discharged via a fan. This coolant is in a closed circuit and does not get into the breathing air. Due to the slots for the fan and many filters, there are some gaps in the air conditioning system in which bacteria and dirt can accumulate. The warm air can also cause moisture within the system.

Therefore, regular cleaning of your air conditioner is essential. All accessible surfaces should be kept dust-free, and germs and bacteria can also be avoided by regular wiping. Only if an air conditioner is not maintained regularly can it lead to colds or other infectious diseases.

Here, too, the technology from Kältebringer Air Conditioning takes a large part of the work off your hands. Self-cleaning issues and a two-way condensate drain prevent many sources of mold, bacteria and viruses in advance. Extensive, multi-layered filter systems also ensure that the air you breathe remains germ-free. We will go into this again in the next section. When operating in the summer, experts recommend having the air conditioning serviced once every two years. The maintenance costs are very low and are between 150 and 200 euros depending on the effort and wear and tear.

Filter systems: These should be integrated into a modern air conditioning system

Modern air conditioning systems are usually equipped with a multi-layer filter system that removes all unpleasant odors and pollutants from the air in the room. In a cold bringer air conditioner, this is a system made up of six different filters, each of which has a different function. An activated carbon filter eliminates all unpleasant odors such as the smell of smoke or sweat. In addition to this, it also filters gases and nicotine from the breathing air. This filter is also important for allergy sufferers: it also collects pollen or house dust, which is then no longer distributed in the room. Especially during the summer pollen season, this function is a real relief for many allergy sufferers. In the further filtering process, bacteria, viruses or fungi are also filtered out. Our filter systems have also been proven to help against the spread of Covid-19.

When buying an air conditioner, be sure to pay attention to the presence of a few important filters. When you choose a Kaltbringer device, you cover all the filters with one device. A detailed list of the various filters in the system can be found on our website.

The myth that air conditioning causes colds is finally dispelled with this article. Bacteria and viruses can only spread if maintenance is neglected and your system is dirty. However, thanks to modern filter systems and automatic self-cleaning, Kältebringer split air conditioners prevent any formation of bacteria, so you can enjoy your summer without any worries!

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