Environmentally friendly home with air conditioning - tips & tricks

Umweltfreundliches Zuhause durch Klimaanlagen - Tipps & Tricks

Just a few years ago, air conditioners were among the devices that were rarely seen in the private sector. At that time, the systems were still very expensive and only very wealthy people could afford them. But that has changed, because air conditioning is now being planned for almost all new buildings. In addition to a cool room temperature, however, the devices can do much more than many people think. We have summarized all the positive aspects, because air conditioning can also be a real plus for the environment!

High performance, low power consumption - split air conditioners

With an air conditioning system, an enormous cooling capacity can be generated with comparatively low power consumption. Advanced coolants and optimally adjusted fans guarantee that the cooling capacity is optimally distributed in the room.

For better understanding, we would like to use a heater to explain how important high energy efficiency can be. Especially in times when raw material and energy prices are at record highs, this is one of the strongest purchase criteria.

With an oil heating system, only just under 70 percent of the energy supplied is converted into actual heat output. This also means that 30 percent of the money spent on heating oil just disappears into circulation with no benefit to you. But how can it be that heating oil simply fizzles out? This happens in the course of the heating circuit, for example due to poorly insulated pipes or incorrectly set pumps. Over the years, large four to five-digit sums are wasted.

On the other hand, the cooling capacity of a cooling system from Kältebringer is very energy-efficient. The SEER value is decisive for the energy efficiency of air conditioning systems. It describes the achieved cooling capacity in kWh compared to the energy supplied.

Kältebringer split air conditioning systems have a very good SEER value of 6.1. This means that for every 1 kWh of electricity supplied, 6 kWh of cooling capacity are achieved.

However, a split air conditioner cannot only be used for cooling. Heating in colder seasons is also possible thanks to heat pump technology. We will go into these in the further course of this article, now only a short excerpt:

If you want to heat with an air conditioner, you should pay attention to the SCOP value. This is the counterpart to the SEER scale, it describes the efficiency of the heating output. From a SCOP value of 3.0, devices are considered to be very energy-efficient, and they then meet the standards for energy efficiency class A+. How exactly the heat pump works is explained in the following section.

Are you interested in a split air conditioning system for your private living space? On our website you will find many different guides that deal with topics related to sustainability and alternative heating options.

Heat pump: The most modern way of generating heat

Heat pump technology is considered to be one of the most innovative ways of controlling the temperature in an apartment. The devices are now often installed in new buildings because heat can be obtained from many natural sources. Using technology, ambient heat from the ground, air or water can be used to heat a home. In split air conditioners, heat is extracted from the air and compressed using a process and refrigerant enough to heat a room.

You can find a more detailed explanation of the heat pump in our numerous guides.

With a split air conditioner you get an air conditioner and heater in one. Switching is quick and easy, either by remote control or with the help of the Smart Home connection. Thanks to the Wifi module, the devices can also be controlled using language assistants.

It is important to know that an air-to-air heat pump can no longer be used for heating in a very cold winter. This is simply because, above a certain outside temperature, there is no longer enough heat in the air. However, the systems are an ideal supplement to the permanently installed heating system when it suddenly gets colder. If you also want to use the advantages of a heat pump in winter, you should use a model that draws its heat from the ground. Even in winter, the temperature here remains constant from a certain depth and can be used for heating.

Sustainable coolants & automatic self-cleaning

Air conditioning has been proven to promote physical health. In particular, the constant room temperature and constant fresh air improve physical well-being. However, it is important that the devices are kept in good condition through regular maintenance and cleaning. This also contributes to a better climate balance.

Air conditioners have many small gaps, such as in the fan blades or in the corners of the indoor unit. If these are not cleaned regularly, the cooling performance can suffer. Modern air conditioners, like those from Kältebringer, therefore have extensive self-cleaning functions. Condensation, which can lead to moisture and mold growth, is also drained off automatically.

Tip for cleaning air conditioning systems: gaps should be cleaned and disinfected regularly, because bacteria and germs like to form there during long-term operation. The surfaces should also be wiped occasionally due to dust. The device does the rest of the cleaning itself, and the annual maintenance also saves you a lot of work.

When buying an air conditioner, you should also make sure that an environmentally friendly coolant is used. This ensures that the intake air can be cooled quickly and efficiently. When they escape, cheap coolants have the disadvantage that the environment is heavily polluted.

The refrigerant R32 is used in Kältebringer air conditioning systems. This is in a closed circuit, in the event of damage and a resulting leak, the device switches off automatically. This agent has the advantage that only a small amount is needed for a high cooling performance. It is also not necessary to change the liquid.


With an air conditioning system for the private sector, you are not only doing something good for your health. The climate is also relieved due to the raw materials saved during heating. In the meantime, there are also air conditioners with different performance levels, so that every room size can be covered. It is therefore not necessary to use an unnecessarily high cooling capacity. Automatic adjustment to the outside temperature is also possible with a modern cooling air conditioner. The control is easy thanks to the wifi thermostats, because all air conditioning units can be controlled with a cell phone or a voice assistant.

Do you still have questions about heat pump technology or the different air conditioning systems from Kältebringer? On our website you will find detailed product descriptions and many blog articles on the subject of sustainability and air conditioning.

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