Retrofitting air conditioning: When is it worth it and what steps are necessary

Klimaanlage nachrüsten: Wann es sich lohnt und welche Schritte notwendig sind

Sometimes certain situations have to occur for you to realize that something is missing in life. This is the case, for example, in the sweltering hot summer months, when it gets so hot in your own four walls or at work that normal (working) everyday life can no longer be managed.

The fact is: German summers are getting hotter and hotter. In recent years, the average temperature in the summer months has increased massively. The summers of 2003, 2018 and 2019 were the hottest German summers since weather records began.

You can live with this heat - and make everyday life normal. Appropriate preparation is required, however. One possibility: Retrofitting an air conditioning system .

The upgrade is worth it. After all, cooling at the push of a button ensures greater productivity and quality of life. Unlike a fan, the heat is not simply redistributed in the room, but the premises are actively cooled down.

Many good reasons to retrofit air conditioning at work or at home . But how difficult is the installation? And what is needed?

How difficult is the installation of an air conditioner?

Many consumers think that the effort involved in installing an air conditioning system is so great that retrofitting is not worthwhile. But that's not the rule. It is true that real estate in the DACH region is still not prepared for the later installation of air conditioning as standard. Retrofitting isn't a big deal, though. In fact , air conditioning can be retrofitted in almost all properties and premises.

A split air conditioner is recommended for a single room. It consists of an indoor and an outdoor unit. The indoor unit is installed in the room where cooling is to take place later. The outdoor unit is attached to an outer wall of the property and discharges the warm air from there. 

If you want to cool an entire house, you can alternatively opt for a modern multi-split air conditioning system . This works technically like a split air conditioning system - but several indoor units only require one outdoor unit. This saves money and makes installation easier.

Faster installation thanks to Quick Connect

If you choose an air conditioning system from our shop, retrofitting is particularly easy. We supply you with everything you need for retrofitting. All you have to do is hire a specialist to do the installation. Thanks to the matching and complete parts, the air conditioning system can be retrofitted in a very short time.

Tip: If you want to install your air conditioner particularly quickly and want to save the technician time, you can opt for a Quick Connect split air conditioner . Installation is even quicker and easier here, since no vacuum pump is required here.

How much cooling load do I need to run my air conditioner efficiently?

Before you start retrofitting the air conditioning system , you should definitely determine the required cooling load. Various factors can reduce the cooling load and thus contribute to efficient and ecological operation of the air conditioning system.

Shutters, blinds and more help keep the room temperature comparatively cool on hot, sunny summer days. In addition, heavy insulation means that the cooling load is kept low (while also keeping the heat in your premises on cold days). 

The number of windows and doors, the size of the rooms, the amount of sunlight, the number of residents, the electrical devices in the house and much more can influence the cooling load. Due to the many influencing factors, we recommend the use of a specialist who will examine your property and your ideas during an on-site inspection and can tell you exactly what cooling load is required . 

Alternatively, you can also calculate the cooling load yourself . In a well-insulated property, a cooling capacity of 30 watts is required per cubic meter.

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