Why you can still rely on pellet heating in 2023

Warum die Pelletheizung 2024 eine gute Wahl ist

In the past year, the cost of oil and gas has increased enormously. In some areas, there have been increases of over 100 percent, which is increasingly weighing on consumers. But which heaters will actually still be an option in 2023? Which systems have the most advantages and the most positive effect on the climate? In this article we look at why you can still rely on pellet heating in 2023.

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What is pellet heating?

Before we show you why you can still rely on pellet heating in 2023, we would like to briefly show all newcomers the advantages of this heating system and explain how it works. Because pellet heating has been popular in Germany for many years, and it is also one of the climate-friendly heating systems.

A pellet heating system is a heating system based on the principle of burning wood pellets. Pellets are made from compressed wood and are typically about 1 inch in diameter and about 3 inches long. These pellets are stored in the storage room and fed to the pellet boiler via the feed system. There, the material is converted into heat by combustion and distributed to radiators or underfloor heating in the house via a pipe system.

Pellet heating systems have a number of advantages over other heating systems. On the one hand, the use of wood pellets as a fuel is environmentally friendly and climate-neutral, since the combustion only releases as much carbon dioxide as the wood absorbs during growth. On the other hand, the operating costs are lower compared to other heating systems because wood pellets are usually cheaper than fossil fuels such as oil or natural gas.

In the next paragraph we will look at the specific advantages of using a pellet heating system. In general, however, it can be said that pellet heating is one of the most climate-neutral, classic heating systems. Compared to oil or gas heating, it causes less CO2 and the raw materials required are also renewable.

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These are the advantages of pellet heating, also in 2023!

If you decide to install a pellet heating system in your building, you will benefit from numerous advantages. These include, among others, those mentioned in this paragraph:

  • Environment - Pellet heating systems are a climate-neutral heating option because the pellets are made from a renewable raw material. Combustion only produces as much carbon dioxide as the trees absorbed during growth. With a pellet heating system, you reduce your own CO2 footprint
  • Economics – The price of wood pellets is generally stable and does not fluctuate as much as fossil fuels. There are also various funding programs and benefits that result from the purchase
  • Efficiency – modern pellet heating systems are highly efficient and make optimum use of 95 percent of the fuel supplied. In addition, the heaters are usually fully automatic and you as the operator hardly have to intervene
  • Independence - As the operator of a pellet heating system, you have your own warehouse, the size of which you determine yourself. In this way you can take advantage of low prices and fill up the warehouse, whereas with gas heating you would always be bound by the current conditions and would have to accept high prices
  • Flexibility - Pellet heating systems are available in different sizes and variants. Regardless of whether the building is old or new, this heating system can be installed in any house and used efficiently
  • Low exhaust fumes - Compared to oil or gas heating, pellet heating emits few exhaust fumes. This is due to modern condensing technology and good filters installed in the pipes
  • Reforestation - The producers of wood pellets are obliged to reforest the forest. This guarantees that enough new raw materials are always being cultivated and that there is no imbalance

A pellet heating system offers numerous advantages that protect both the environment and your wallet. Wood pellet fuel is a carbon neutral option that reduces carbon footprint and is independent of fossil fuel prices. Modern pellet heating systems are highly efficient and fully automatic, which requires little maintenance. They are also flexible and can be installed in any home. Compared to oil or gas heaters, pellet heaters emit only a few exhaust gases and the producers of wood pellets are obliged to reforest.

Pellet heating - costs and further data & facts

With a pellet heating system for a single-family home, you have to reckon with acquisition costs of between 8-15,000 euros. The acquisition costs for this heating system are slightly higher than for an oil or gas heating system, but it pays off due to the cheaper operation. It is also important to know that the efficiency of a pellet heating system is greatest at full capacity, here it can be up to 105 percent. It is therefore better to choose a smaller heater than one that is too large.

Tip: In many cases, pellet heating is combined with a solar thermal system, so you can heat and produce hot water in a climate-neutral manner all year round.

Pellet heating is also an attractive choice in 2023, as it is not only environmentally friendly and climate-neutral, but also works economically and efficiently. Modern pellet heating systems are highly efficient and make optimal use of 95 percent of the fuel supplied. Another advantage is independence, since the operator has its own warehouse and can take advantage of favorable prices. However, if you would like to have a pleasant room temperature in summer as well, then we recommend the split air conditioning systems from Kältebringer , which reduce heating costs and increase well-being both in the transitional period and in summer. Visit our detailed product pages to learn more about our air conditioners.

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