Air conditioning systems - this is what characterizes a sustainable temperature system

Klimaanlagen – so kennzeichnet sich ein nachhaltiges Temperatursystem

In recent years in particular, the rising temperatures have become increasingly evident. Hot summers, ever shorter winters and mild springs are now part of everyday life. But especially in summer, many people struggle with the high temperatures inside and outside. The temperatures in apartments, especially in the attic, quickly shoot over the 30 degree mark. As a result, air conditioners are now becoming increasingly popular in Europe as well. However, in order to be able to cool your home in an environmentally friendly way, you need to consider a few things when buying an air conditioner. We have summarized the most important points for you.

Energy efficiency – the most important basis

To make things easier for consumers, the energy efficiency of various electronic devices is measured using fixed scales. The so-called "SEER scale" describes the relationship between the energy consumed and the energy actually converted into cold. Devices always consume energy in a different way, for example through waste heat or other electronic components. A SEER value below 1.0 means that less of the energy consumed in kilowatt hours is converted into actual cooling capacity. An illustrative example of this: Your device has a poor SEER value of 0.7. For every 1 kWh of electricity consumed, there is only 0.7 kWh of cooling power, so your device is not particularly energy efficient as 0.3 kWh of power is simply wasted.

Our bestseller, the Kaltbringer split air conditioner, has a very good SEER value of 6.1. For a power consumption of 1 kWh, there is a cooling capacity of 6.1 kWh. This gives you a sustainable and very energy-efficient air conditioning system for your living space.

In addition to the SEER value, the SCOP scale is also important, but for the efficiency of the heating output. Ideal power is produced when the value is above 4.0. This means that more than 4 kWh of heat output are generated for every 1 kWh of energy consumed. Here, too, the systems from Kältebringer score: The value of 4.0 is easily achieved with all models.

Coolant, Maintenance & Cleaning - Crucial Factors

The energy efficiency class is the most important factor when it comes to the climate footprint of your refrigerator, but the right coolant and maintenance also play a very important role. In order to produce the required cold, air conditioning systems need chemical coolants. These only have to be filled in once and then circulate in a closed circuit. This coolant is already pre-filled in most air conditioners . How does such a coolant work? The decisive factor is that the coolant can still change its aggregate state quickly, even at low or very high temperatures. From gas to liquid and back again to efficiently transport both cold and heat. Although these coolants have a long service life, they are very harmful to the climate if they leak, so they have a high Global Warming Potential (GWP).

The refrigerant R32 is used in the Kältebringer systems, which offers many decisive advantages. It has a low GWP value, can be fully recycled and also ensures low power consumption for your air conditioning system.

To ensure that the closed circuit of the coolant remains intact, regular maintenance of the air conditioning system is essential. Even small amounts of escaping coolant cause high direct emissions that are very harmful to the environment. However, if you comply with the specified maintenance intervals, you can use your air conditioner with a clear conscience!

Energy saving technologies & smart home connection

Up until a few years ago, air conditioning systems in Germany were still very unpopular and real exceptions. They were particularly criticized for their high acquisition costs and high power consumption, and many people are still critical of the temperature devices. But is that still justified nowadays? The answer is clearly no, because thanks to modern systems and smart home solutions, air conditioning systems no longer consume as much energy as they did ten years ago.

The Kältebringer split air conditioners are equipped as standard with many modern features that ensure high energy efficiency. With sensors, the level of air conditioning automatically adjusts to the ambient temperature without you having to adjust anything manually. Unnecessary cooling or too long running times are thus automatically prevented. In addition, with a remote control, which is included in the scope of delivery, you have the option of making all settings from the comfort of the couch or bed. You can also use the remote to set things like the timer to schedule a nighttime shutdown. With a system from Kältebringer you are also armed for the above-mentioned problem of escaping coolant: Our systems detect escaping coolant and stop the system from operating. With different operating modes you have the choice between the fastest possible or the most environmentally friendly cooling. The ECO mode ensures that your air conditioning works as efficiently as possible, room cooling takes a little longer here than in regular operation. The turbo mode brings the room temperature to the desired temperature within a very short time, in night mode the desired number of degrees is maintained, the device only generates noise of approx. 19 decibels.

In addition to the energy-saving technologies, you can now link many air conditioners to various smart home systems. Control is also possible via your smartphone or a language assistant such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

What are the concrete advantages? With the Wifi connection, you have the option of being able to control your air conditioner from anywhere in the world. You can also specify when your system should start cooling the living space and when it should stop again. For example, if you have been on a long journey, you can cool or heat your home to a comfortable temperature a few hours before your arrival. Thanks to this connection, it is no longer possible for the systems to accidentally remain switched on when you leave the apartment. If you use a language assistant for operation, you can easily set settings such as temperature or operating mode using a voice command.

Self-cleaning & filter systems - longevity without additional effort

In the past, air conditioning systems had to be serviced and cleaned very frequently in order to guarantee smooth operation. Since the devices were very complex, this work could often only be carried out by experts. With modern systems, this is no longer a problem: the systems from Kältebringer have an extensive self-cleaning function that covers almost all important maintenance work. In addition, condensed water is removed via a 2-way system, and various filters ensure that fewer pollutants get into your room.

As you can see, a modern air conditioning system is much more environmentally friendly than initially thought. Thanks to modern technologies and sophisticated systems for energy conversion, you no longer have to have a guilty conscience when using a temperature system. Find out more about the versatile solutions from Kältebringer for your living space!

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