Ancillary costs of air conditioning - you have to reckon with them

Nebenkosten von Klimaanlagen - Damit müssen Sie rechnen

Air conditioning systems are becoming increasingly popular in the private sector. Split air conditioners are now standard in many new buildings. However, the systems can also be easily retrofitted in existing buildings, since only small structural changes have to be made. But when is it actually worth having your own air conditioning system? What additional costs are incurred apart from the acquisition costs? We have made smart for you!

Cooling load: A crucial factor

When it comes to the costs caused by air conditioning, the size of the room must be taken into account. Insulation is also important because not every room stores heat equally well. The more cooling capacity is required, the higher the electricity costs.

The cooling capacity of air conditioners is specified using the term "BTU". This stands for "British Thermal Unit" and indicates how much energy is required to heat half a liter of water by one degree Fahrenheit. To simplify things, you can multiply the BTU value by three and roughly round down to get the approximate wattage of the air conditioner. The performance of the air conditioner is usually given in kilowatt hours (kWh) or in BTU/h (BTU per hour), from which the electricity consumption can then be calculated.

In addition, there is the solar radiation and insulation factor, which is given on a scale of 0-100. A low factor means, for example, good insulation with little solar radiation, while a high factor is used for rooms with high heat generation.

To calculate the required cooling capacity of the device, you can proceed as follows: Multiply the floor area of ​​the room by the approximate solar radiation and insulation factor. Example of this: A 20 square meter room is to be cooled, the factor for solar radiation and insulation is a very high 100, so the room gets very warm very quickly. The minimum required cooling capacity is then 2,000 watts (approx. 6,800 BTU). So you need to look for a device that provides at least 2,000 watts to effectively cool the room.

At Kältebringer you have the option of purchasing air conditioning systems with a cooling capacity of up to 18,000 BTU, which means that even very large rooms can be cooled without any problems. It is important that you deal with the topic of cooling capacity in advance so that you do not get too much or too little cold. An incorrectly selected device quickly leads to excessive electricity costs or inefficient cooling.

Electricity Costs – This is how much it costs to run an air conditioner

The cost of electricity for your air conditioner depends on many factors. This includes, for example, operating times, current energy prices and people who are in the room. It is therefore never possible to say exactly how high the electricity costs will be each year. The summers are also becoming increasingly unpredictable, with hot periods sometimes lasting several months and sometimes just a few weeks. Nevertheless, there are average values ​​that give a rough impression.

The electricity costs of the air conditioning are always strongly dependent on the current electricity prices, which are currently at a high. With your own photovoltaic or house wind turbine, however, operation is almost free of charge after a few years.

On the Kaltbringer website you will find many other articles on the subject of air conditioning and renewable energies. You can also read here how you can operate your air conditioning system as cost-effectively as possible.

Service and maintenance costs: Only minimal expenses

The cleaning and maintenance of air conditioning systems used to be very complicated and had to be carried out by trained specialists. In the past, even for small cleanings, all the devices had to be unscrewed and disassembled.

Today things are quite different, modern air conditioning systems are almost completely maintenance-free. In addition, cold bringer air conditioning systems, for example, have innovative automatic cleaning systems that do most of the work that needs to be done. The devices clean sensitive components such as air filters or condensers themselves and without having to activate a function.

If it is only used in the summer months, professional maintenance is only necessary once a year. This involves cleaning sensitive components such as fans, filters or intake grilles and replacing them if necessary. In most cases, the cost of maintenance is only between 100-150 euros, depending on the effort.

However, by doing your own cleaning, you can also minimize these maintenance costs. Many components of the air conditioning system can be easily removed and cleaned, such as the air filter and all the grilles for air intake and extraction. See the Coldbringer Guides for instructions. Regular cleaning and disinfection and cleaning of the moving parts can significantly extend the service life of your air conditioning system.

Installation costs: Depending on the size of the system

Outdoor unit air conditioners must be installed by professionals because they are a structural change. Because of this, they are slightly more expensive than mobile air conditioners, but work much more effectively and cheaply.

The decisive factor for installation is the effort involved in installation. For example, assembly on the third floor will be slightly more expensive than that on the ground floor. The number of devices also determines how expensive the one-off installation is. An outdoor unit can operate several indoor units, which all have to be connected to each other. This incurs higher costs than for a single system.

If you assume the normal case, i.e. the installation of a single air conditioning system, then the one-off costs are around 200 euros. After that, you don't have to do any more work with your split air conditioner either, which is a strong argument.

Installing a Kaltbringer split air conditioning system is quick and easy. To help with setup, there are no-fuss videos and assembly instructions on our website that make installation a breeze. Come and see for yourself.

Tip: In midsummer, companies that install air conditioning systems have been very busy, especially in recent years. Waiting times of up to three months can be expected if you want to reinstall a system. We therefore recommend bringing forward the installation of your air conditioning system to autumn/winter, as you have significantly less effort, stress and costs.

Conclusion: Split air conditioners are expensive to buy compared to mobile devices. However, the better energy efficiency, the low maintenance costs and the cheaper operation make up for these costs quickly and ensure a cool head in your own walls.

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