Furnishing ideas for your living room

Einrichtungsideen für Ihr Wohnzimmer

Your own living room should be an oasis of well-being – the furnishings must be harmonious, comfortable and, in most cases, as modern as possible. At the moment the trend is towards simple & calming, but some people are also looking for special furnishing ideas for their living room. In this article, we give you inspiration and tips on how to redesign your living room, referring to current trends and new furniture.

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The different color schemes as a basis for the furnishing ideas in your living room

Before we turn to the furniture & decorations , let's first look at which colors you can use in your living room. Here we are guided by the current trends and some color schemes that have proven themselves. With small colored accessories, you can still set your living room apart from the fixed scheme that we specify here - so there are no limits to your creativity .

The color scheme not only affects the mood of the room, but can also influence the style and atmosphere. Here are some color schemes to consider for your living room:

  • Neutral and Calming: If you have a living room that's designed primarily as a place for relaxation and privacy, you may want to consider a neutral color scheme. A beige, gray or white hue on the walls and furniture can create an elegant and soothing look
  • Cool tones for a modern look: If you want a modern and contemporary living room, you can consider colors like blue, green and purple. These cool colors can create a calm atmosphere while adding a touch of color and personality to the room
  • Warm colors for a cozy atmosphere If you want to create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere in your living room, you can choose colors like orange, red and yellow. These warm colors can provide a sense of warmth and comfort and make the space more welcoming

Overall, choosing the color scheme for your living room comes down to personal preference, style, and the function of the room. Think carefully about which color scheme suits you and your living room best, because you can then continue this throughout your apartment. For example, you can also think of a different “topic” for each room.

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These are the trends and furnishing ideas for your living room in 2023

This year there are again some furnishing ideas for the living room , which have become a trend. Currently, it is still simple natural tones that are often used in the living room. Plants and wood-look paneling are also still trendy when it comes to the living room - overall, it's light colors that are still very popular.

These trends are particularly noticeable this year:

  • Textures: The trend towards textures in character, for example on the walls, is currently going a little further away from simplicity. From soft & fluffy to rough & sandy, there are no limits to creativity. All in all, this means that you can also mix things up in the living room: a wooden table, a metal stool or even a fluffy sofa or a beanbag – the living room should have character. A bold wallpaper can be something for anyone who likes to redecorate from time to time
  • Glass: Glass should still be in every living room in 2023. There are many ways to do this, but large glass surfaces are also back in fashion. There are also no limits to your choice of glass - whether clear, rough or milky, tinted or completely transparent - you decide what best suits your living room. Glass can also find its way back into your living room in the form of lamps. Flower vases or a coffee table are also back in fashion
  • Plants: Plants belong in a living room - they make the room look more lively and modern, they also have an air-purifying effect and many other positive side effects on the head. Plants are also part of the furnishing ideas for the living room in 2023 - regardless of whether they are dried, real or fake. They can be placed in different ways in the living room, for example as a mural or in a classic vase - they should not be missing in a modern living room
  • Cuddly materials: No matter what form, cuddly materials are particularly popular this year. A soft armchair, a high-pile carpet or even several cushions on the couch – cuddly is the trend for 2023. Also in brighter colors and made of velvet, the main thing is not too colorful and playful. These accessories make the living room look more inviting and cozy and only require a small investment

Overall, there are many interior design ideas that you can consider for your living room. From the color scheme, furniture and decoration to lighting and organization, there are many aspects that need to be considered to make the space functional, beautiful and comfortable. One thing that is often overlooked but of great importance is room temperature. Keeping the living room cool and comfortable can be difficult, especially during the summer months. Cool air conditioners can be a practical and effective solution to regulate the room temperature and create a comfortable living environment.

Ultimately, when furnishing your living room , you should keep your own preferences and needs in mind. Take the time to consider what color scheme , furniture, and decor best suits your style and needs . With the right planning and execution, you can create a living room that is functional, beautiful, and comfortable, and becomes a place where you enjoy spending time .

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