Operate air conditioning with photovoltaics - you have to consider this

Klimaanlage mit Photovoltaik betreiben - Das müssen Sie beachten

With your own photovoltaic system on your building, you have numerous advantages, especially after a few years: You can sell excess electricity, charge your car or supply electricity to another building. But some heating systems only work with electrical energy, such as the air conditioning system. In this Kältebringer blog article, we look at the advantages of this and why the air conditioning can also be used in winter.

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Split Air Conditioners - They really can

Before we look at how you can best operate an air conditioning system with photovoltaics , we would like to show you that a modern system can do much more than just produce cold air. With a split air conditioning system from Kältebringer with the output of your choice, you are also on an energy-saving course in winter, because the integrated heat pump reduces your heating costs enormously, especially in the transitional period .

In summer, the Kaltbringer split air conditioning system has the following advantages, among others:

  • Better sleep: When you sleep, your body regenerates itself. If you're warm and sweating, he can't do it and you're sleepy and less productive the next day. With a split air conditioner in the bedroom, you'll sleep better and be fitter
  • Better air: Many filters are installed in the cold bringer air conditioning system, which improve the air quality. In addition, the system regulates humidity and filters many pollutants and suspended particles from the room air
  • Pleasant coolness: When you come home from a long day at work, you might just want to lie down on the sofa and relax. You can't often do that in the summer because it quickly gets much too hot. With air conditioning in your home, you always have a good temperature to relax

In the transitional period , the temperatures in Germany are often very changeable - one day it may be very hot, then immediately cold again. During this time, your heating has to be turned up again and again, which consumes a lot of raw materials . All Kaltbringer split air conditioning systems have a built-in air-to-air heat pump, which can be used in the transitional period . It uses heat in the ambient air to support your solid heating .

On our detailed product pages you will find a lot of information and tips about our efficient air conditioning systems with heat pumps!

Operate air conditioning with photovoltaics - you need to know that!

During the transitional period , many people are now preparing to install their own PV system on their roof in summer - because this has many advantages. But have you already thought about purchasing air conditioning systems at the same time? This also has many advantages, especially for your health and well-being . In addition, air conditioners are known to usually draw large amounts of electricity from the grid.

Air conditioning systems can quickly become expensive without their own electricity production , especially in large buildings. Depending on the region, a kilowatt hour of electricity from the public supply can cost up to 45 cents, so running it quickly becomes a high financial expense . But: Kaltbringer air conditioning systems work with a high level of efficiency, which keeps electricity costs within reasonable bounds. All of our units have a SEER value of over 6.0 , which means that more than six kilowatt hours of cooling capacity are generated per kilowatt hour of electricity.

Why operate an air conditioning system with photovoltaic power?

But why does it make sense to operate an air conditioning system with photovoltaics ? There are several logical reasons and explanations for this, which we will take a closer look at in this paragraph .

Electricity from the socket has become increasingly expensive in recent years. A kilowatt hour now costs between 30 and 45 cents. In addition, this electricity often still comes from environmentally harmful sources, such as lignite-fired power plants. This means that your own CO2 footprint is also getting bigger when using many devices. The use of solar power for devices with high consumption not only calms your conscience and your wallet, but also protects the climate.

Also interesting: The financial aspect is a big one with electricity from your own photovoltaic system. Your own electricity costs about 10 cents per kilowatt hour once the purchase of your own system has paid for itself after a few years - with many devices, this is a huge saving per year.

There is also a logical reason why the air conditioning system should be operated with photovoltaics: The more the sun shines, the hotter it gets in your building - you then need more cooling . The consumption of the two devices is usually perfectly the same!

You have to reckon with these costs with an air conditioning system

If you already have a photovoltaic system , then the air conditioning may be the only purchase you still have to make. Depending on how your house is insulated and structured and which room you want to cool, you have to reckon with different costs here.

In a regular large room of around 20 square meters, you have to reckon with acquisition costs of around 500-700 euros for a good air conditioning system. In addition, depending on the term, there are around 150 euros for maintenance per year, plus the one-off installation costs. However, the devices also have a very long service life of 15 or more years, during which they provide reliable cooling.

At Kältebringer you will find various air conditioning systems in all output levels, which you can adapt exactly to your individual room size. So you never pay too much and can cover your individual cooling needs ideally. Kaltbringer customer service is always available if you have any questions.

Conclusion: Operate air conditioning with photovoltaics?

The two systems, i.e. photovoltaic system and air conditioning , mesh perfectly . They work at the same time and balance each other's energy needs. You also benefit from pleasant cooling in your house, heating in the transitional period and significantly lower electricity prices. As a last resort , a power storage device is a good idea for correctly dimensioning your photovoltaic system.

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